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The Maya Codex


Adrian d’Hagé


First and foremost I need to state that I was listening to the audio version of this book, in my car during holiday time, a few weeks ago.  I find holidays not a good to for concentrating or listening as it is more important to concentrate on drivers who feel it is imperative to speed past in order to gain a twenty metre advantage on the road.  In other words my opinion may be skewed slightly.


The first chapters of The Maya Codex (Curtis O’Connor #2) by Adrian d’Hagé are set during World War II in a Nazi concentration camp in Europe.  The story, in my opinion, had potential to be interesting as it followed the fate of one family and how some of children managed to escape.  However, that is where the interesting part ended.  From there on there seemed to be different scenarios each time I tried to listen to the story. 

 I do know that over twenty plus years passed by between chapters, and the child who did escape was now looking for his tormentor, I think.  The Vatican Bank was involved; the South American jungle got a look in, as well as numerous other locations.

By track 35 of 65 I was contemplating throwing in the towel, something I detest doing when reading.  However, by track 45 of 65, I had had enough.

I think I have tried to read, or listen to offerings from this author in the past with little success.  I will probably avoid books by this author in future.  This appears to be a love it or hate book as other Goodreads reviewers have rated it between one and five stars. 

I have mentioned this in the past but will re-iterate here.  The narrator of an audio book either makes or breaks in my opinion and in this case did nothing to help enjoyment of what was is probably a good read.

Only a


star read.  

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