a feeling of expectation and desire
for a particular thing to happen


A glimmer of wistful hope as young Taji

almost pleads for some food to fall her way.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Hope





A Carnation…or something else?

Flowers in Melbourne



As we commenced our

English Channel crossing,

I couldn’t see any bluebirds,

however those cliffs were far whiter

than I had ever imagine.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…White




As we neared the French coast

other vessels in the Channel

seemed to disappear.

Land Ho!

It appeared that we were sailing past the beach

upon which the recent Dunkirk movie was filmed.


As our cross channel journey draws to an end…

…more signs of civilization appear.



Water-Water-Everywhere:   #48



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Dark-Light


My contribution for this week’s

Dark and Light


Many times I have heard and often joined in singing

the song relating to bluebirds and the white cliffs of Dover…


for as long as I can remember.

However, never once did I think they would be

actually that white…


 or in this case light in colour.


Some light piercing the dark from…


the London Eye.


Even the Houses of Parliament look good from up there.





Weekly Photo Challenge-Resilient



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



 This week I decided to post

some images of landmarks which…


were talked about when I was at school…


have been through two World Wars…


and which we were fortunate enough

to visit in September, 2016.


Although we only made it to the second level

of the Eiffel Tower it was an experience

not to be forgotten.


We were told that we could climb up, inside,

the Arc De Triomphe,

however, my knees, ankles and feet

suggested otherwise.

And although were saddened to see this site

as it was our last night of the tour…


It was wonderful to get back on British soil again.

I don’t know how many times I said ‘grazie

only to realise that we had crossed a border

and now should have said ‘merci‘, or ‘danke‘.