I just wish my photo…

was as well-balanced as

the Schonbrunn Gardens are.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Balance




When describing a garden as a tapestry

the speaker is referring to all round all year beauty.

Having only visited the Schonbrunn Palace

once in September 2016

I’m sure tapestry of design

and colour would be applicable.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Tapestry

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Teal-Aqua-Seafoam-Turquoise


Torquay, my favourite beach,

leads the way this week….

I think that might have been the end of that ride.


Hope this is the right colour also.

Glacier Bay…again hope not too blue.


And I think there may be some 

Aqua or Turquoise…

in these colours.


Finally, I am fairly certain these boats,

captured at Capri, are showing

this week’s colours also.




Scenes, mostly from Vienna

The last thing we saw before turning off the lights at night.

We wondered if it was the honeymoon suite.

Salzburg tourists.

Tourists or locals?

Whichever, they were enjoying an afternoon

on this Salzburg balcony.

While at dinner in Vienna I received a tap on my shoulder and

suddenly I was dancing in a very narrow aisle between tables.

 It did take a little while to realise we were speaking different languages.

MGW thought this scene worth capturing.


For my efforts I was presented with

this certificate from the ‘Academy’.

is there a waltzing academy in Vienna?

I’m not sure if this couple was being professionally photographed,

however I liked the scene.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Wk5-Topic-from-Photo


Topics from Cee’s photo…

This week

Cup, Cafe, Music, plates/food.

Begin this week in Europe.

Ily’s in Amsterdam, near the Railway Station

in case there is more than one Ily coffee shop in town

Remembered mainly because of this display of cups

and the two friendly girl’s behind the counter,

one of which told me the it would cost me 5 Euro

to take the photo…after I had taken it. 

Then she burst out laughing,

probably at the shocked look upon my face.

Breakfast with the lions at Cairns, Queensland.


My Guitar which I have photographed

more than played.


MGW’s Grandmother’s piano, now ours.

One of many sets which were delivered to an op

shop about twelve months ago.

Finishing in Europe again. 

Some of the musical instruments

used at our Viennese Concert.


Daily Prompt-Assumption



a noun

a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen,

without proof.

We were told Vienna’s

Schönbrunn Palace,

also known as

The Summer Cottage,

has 1,441 rooms

We assume that is correct because…

  1. of the sheer size of the building,

  2. we did not have time to count the rooms,

  3. our guides told us…they should know, and

  4. Google/Wikipedia agree. 🙂





The only thing we all agreed upon during

our European tour was that it was rushed.

While we visited many sites we wanted to see

and had priority access…

there were many other who also had

priority access also which made our visit

a shoulder to shoulder affair.

We soon found ourselves watching a flag,

similar to this one.

Stopping to take a photo often meant

losing contact with our group.

Yes, it was rushed, at times

but thoroughly enjoyable.