While we were visiting Vienna

we enjoyed a lovely dinner

…after which we enjoyed a concert of

instrumental music provided by a small orchestra.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Instrumental





I believe it takes commitment…

to get to this stage in one’s life…



30th Wedding Anniversary

And even more to make it to a 30th Anniversary

as we did a two, nearly three, years ago.


Perhaps some may think a hot air balloon ride

an odd way to celebrate an anniversary.

We loved it.


Word of the Day Challenge: Committment




I never thought I would get the chance

to use these photos…

A restaurant in Vienna has toilets/bathrooms

which are decorated with…

photo and the like from another era. 


Fairly tame stuff but certainly the

kinkiest toilet I have ever seen.

And yes I believe the ladies was similarly decorated.


Word of the Day Challenge: Kinky

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Teal-Aqua-Seafoam-Turquoise


Torquay, my favourite beach,

leads the way this week….

I think that might have been the end of that ride.


Hope this is the right colour also.

Glacier Bay…again hope not too blue.


And I think there may be some 

Aqua or Turquoise…

in these colours.


Finally, I am fairly certain these boats,

captured at Capri, are showing

this week’s colours also.




Scenes, mostly from Vienna

The last thing we saw before turning off the lights at night.

We wondered if it was the honeymoon suite.

Salzburg tourists.

Tourists or locals?

Whichever, they were enjoying an afternoon

on this Salzburg balcony.

While at dinner in Vienna I received a tap on my shoulder and

suddenly I was dancing in a very narrow aisle between tables.

 It did take a little while to realise we were speaking different languages.

MGW thought this scene worth capturing.


For my efforts I was presented with

this certificate from the ‘Academy’.

is there a waltzing academy in Vienna?

I’m not sure if this couple was being professionally photographed,

however I liked the scene.