Black and White Challenge.


Sunrise and Reflections


Hands and Drum

Gondolier and Gondola

 Surf and Surfer


Mugs and Vase

Performer and Chair

Seagull and a Snack










take or go with
(someone or something)
to a place.

Although my images were taken in

Vancouver’s Stanley Park, (Canada)

and on

Melbourne’s St Kilda Pier (Australia)

…they both have something in common.

In both photos, someone did remember

to bring the camera.  😄😄


FOWord Challenge:…Bring





a drug or other substance that affects
mood or behaviour and is consumed
for non-medical purposes,
especially one sold illegally.

I don’t know if this is true,

but I was told that this,

sneakers on  a power line,

is a sign that illegal narcotics

can be procured here.







Signs which are

self explanatory,

I hope.

I don’t remember taking this shot

and have never before, or since,

laid eyes on this bus.

However, according to my filing system

it was taken in Melbourne.

This was about as far as a DSLR camera could go. 

Pocket size cameras and phones

were okay, I believe.

A Tea Room on the

Western Front Battlefields

of France.


Self explanatory? 

All day we were hearing about Whistler

and all day I was thinking

‘…I’ve heard that name before…’   

However, only made the connection upon arrival. 

Fun fact.

  We were told that recent summer sports had

overtaken, economically, winter sports

on/at Whistler.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:   Signs






an area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic,
purpose, or use, or subject to particular restrictions.
“a pedestrian zone”

Areas of land set aside for public transport.

A zone for air travel.


A zone for rail travel.

And a zone for zebras crossing.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Zone