Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Musical Chairs


My contribution for this week’s

Musical Chairs

All re-posts this week unfortunately.


A Melbourne buskervienna_0389Interval at our Viennese Concert.


As previously mentioned I thought young lady

was set for some evening busking.

However, I think she may have played briefly

for another tourist group in Brugge.







Travel Theme-Playing




Travel Theme.


Our football season is over for 2016…


however fans and players all enjoy a good game of football.


Busking…for the young at heart.


While half a world away these impalas…


certainly enjoyed themselves in Kruger National Park.


Where’s My Backpack: Playing



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-41



Odd Ball

Week 41, 2016


I have cheated a bit today and used MGW’s Facebook post

of yesterday, Sunday, for my Odd Ball post

This morning dear, old Sox passed away.


He was the last of our farm animals

and was a loving and affectionate cat.


I will miss my morning chin rubs and his chirpy

little conversations.

RIP old boy.


This was one of his last photos and he looks

better here than he did over the past eight weeks.

 He used to tear my hands to pieces when he was younger.

 It was only in his later years that he mellowed…with me.

RIP Sox.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-41






Travel Theme-Writing




Travel Theme.


The oft used phrase,

‘…The writing’s on the wall…’

laneway_0541is very evident in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane

and surrounds,


where artists writing the tags, names or slogans

for peace…and other things in vibrant colours


A computer generated piece of sign writing.


Last, but not least, one of my favourite pieces of

writing from the wall of one of Geelong’s Hotels.

  The sign changes about every week and

quite often I forget to look.


Where’s My Backpack:Writing






Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Stairs-Steps-Ladders


My contribution for this week’s

Stairs, Steps, Ladders


 Most Stairs or Steps this week.steps_0019Step down to a water taxi on Sydney Harbour.


Getting into a water taxi would be much easier

than this flight of steps leading up to

Sydney Harbour Bridge.

And just to be clear, these steps only took us to road level.

steps_0177Of course there was a similar set on the other side.

Note the smooth section in the centre.

A Sydneysider would be able to tell me

if it was included specifically to make it easier

to push one’s bicycle up.

Wonder does anyone ride down the stairs?


Tis part of Old Sydney almost looks like

it could be an Occupational Health and Safety issue.


The exit from Southern Cross Railway Station

shopping centre.


And the reverse view.

There is an escalator to the right, just out of shot

for those with dicky knees…like me.


Still in Southern Cross Station…

my heart breaks if my train pulls up near these stairs,

or if the escalator is not working.