With nearly a three hour drive ahead of me

this was…

one of my first views of the distant

Grampians, on Monday.

Taken from this perspective,

Cunningham Pier Restaurant

looks very distant behind the right most ball.


While Melbourne’s St Kilda Pier is longer

than Geelong’s Cunningham Pier,

the kiosk on the end of St Kilda Pier

also looks a long way off.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: In-the-Distance




Floral Friday17-1310


Floral Friday Challenge.


A visit to St Kilda Pier, this week…

 yielded a couple of shots of either

tough plants or weeds.

I suspect  the latter.

Also please forgive the rough edit in this shot.

Increased saturation to colour the tiny plants,

and added some unwanted colour which I did not

notice until nearly posting time.

Well past my bedtime.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday






Week 106


Numbers near the Barwon River mouth.In a playground right alongside the river…

are the designed to reach the young

how to double…

or show them that is their beginning of a lifetime

of numbers ruling the world?

Melbourne’s Royal Arcade is also

dominated by numbers.


Pic and Word Challenge: Numbers

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-E


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


Words with 2 Es


This week’s challenge words containing TWO e’s. First up a helicopter following a bike race. 

It was estimated that we sighted near on

3,000 elephants during  our trip through Botswana.  

Each and everyone was a delight to see…we thought.  

So when one of our country men, in  another group,

said  ‘…seen one, you’ve seen them all….’

he was disowned, ostracised, by us…at least.

An interesting animal.

Almost seemed domesticated,

but still killed other wildlife for a feed.


On guard duty at the manor.

Melbourne Zoo.


Travel Theme-Sports




 Travel Theme.


Three sports…

I have never tried kite surfing…

but it appears to be…

 a lot of fun and a bit dangerous judging by the helmet.

Nor have I ever been on a surf board…

 But I would just love to be competent enough to

manoeuvre as in the first two images.

However, I think this would be more my style.


Some shots of the inaugural

Cadell Evans Road Race.

After several hours of country road racing…

riders have three of four laps of Geelong suburbs

before a finish on the foreshore.

Finally, one shot of the Melbourne Cricket Ground

on the first Monday in June.

Collingwood versus Melbourne.

Also the scene of the

1956 Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.


Where’s My Backpack: Sports



Weekly Photo Challenge-Structure



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



First up…Nature.

To me a leaf looks green and leafy…until

I stumbled across one which I had

converted to a negative. 

With the original (photo) and sunlight behind it

we can see a whole system of veins

which transport water, food, energy

through the leaf and on to the rest of the plant.

Sydney’s ‘coat hanger’ does not all that impressive

from this perspective.

In fact not as big as the boat?

 However as we commenced our walk across the bridge

it took on a whole new dimension.

Six or eight lanes of motor vehicles and

one or two train lines were woven

into the structure of the bridge.

All this held together by many rivets and tons of steels.

About 12 – 15 years ago our beloved Spencer Street Station

was re-modeled and given a makeover

prior to the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

All I saw was a ‘wavy roof’  which looked nothing like

the old Spencer street Station…AND

it was renamed Southern Cross Station.

How dare they!

It is only over the past ten years that I have taken time

to look up, and notice…

the many tons of steel which hold up the ‘wavy roof’.

Now I have grown accustomed to her face.