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Crimson Lake


Candice Fox


Crimson Lake, by Candice Fox sees a then teenage girl convicted of murdering another teenage girl and an ex-cop accused of abducting and assaulting another teenage girl join forces in an interesting murder mystery set in Australia’s Far North Queensland’s city of Cairns.   Although a convicted murderer Amanda is a licensed private investigator who takes ex-cop, Ted under her wing while they investigate local deaths.

Because Ted has been accused of abduction and assault (no conviction) of a teenage girl he draws a fair amount of attention from both do-gooders and two ageing cops who have not been promoted during their years of service.  Ted wonders why the beat cops have not been promoted?


Amanda notices inconsistencies with Ted’s case and quietly looks into that, with fresh eyes.  Together they try and solve a local disappearance which may have been murder or accident.


Narrator Lani Tupu does a good job of narrating Crimson Lake.  His vocal range captures everyone from hot headed, disrespectful teenagers and Ted’s gravelly cadence, to the oozing slime generated by the aforementioned cops.


I thought Crimson Lake not quite a four star audio book.  However, a half star for the narrator’s contribution and it scrambles into the four star category.

I have rated

Crimson Lake

 as aaudio book.

Three and a half for the story

and half a star for

the narrator’s  contribution.

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Crimson Lake

can be purchased on-line at 

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon

At the time of writing my review,

other Goodreads readers

had awarded

Crimson Lake

an average of 3.98 stars

from 4,839 ratings

and 854 reviews.

SoCS — A Hole in His Sole

This, That, and The Other

F2FC3391-F53E-4A3D-BAF6-7EB1967F2939He was a very practical and pragmatic man who went to work each weekday morning. She was a very spiritual, religious woman who went to church service every weekday morning. On Sunday mornings, he would go play a round of golf. On Sunday mornings, she would go to Sunday church service.

This Sunday, when he had returned from his round of golf and she had returned from her church service, they were each dressing for that day’s traditional Sunday evening family dinner.

When he was almost finished dressing, he sighed and said aloud, “Oh God, I have a hole in my sole.”

Having heard what he said, she came up to him, sympathetically put her arm around his shoulder, and said, “My love, do not worry. Together we will get through this. Finish dressing, and meet me out front. I will take you to get your soul fixed.”


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During our drive between Whakatane and Whangamata

which are almost at the opposite ends of

New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty…

we turned into a random turn off our main road

and discovered this small river/creek/stream.

Our New Zealand road trip was the first time we had

taken time to explore the randoms of the world.


Wits End Weekly Prompt:  Down-a-Random-Road

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Since late August my computer has not acknowledged my avatar

and will not ‘like’ posts….

unless I use other browsers or a device

other than my desktop PC.

Which is a problem as my PC is my ‘goto’ device for blogging

and where I store and edit my photos.

While in New Zealand recently,

I left my PC with a computer doctor

who failed to analyse the problem.

Unfortunately I can drive a computer but not fix one.

If anyone has any ideas about why this occurs

please let me know.

 Update: Wednesday October 24, 2018.

 As has been mentioned by other bloggers

my iPad Safari browser is not registering ‘likes’.




Fire has many valuable uses…such as cooking our meals.

  However, if a campfire gets out of hand…

and grows…

that is when the red trucks roll.

In Dubai fire is used for entertainment.

A few years ago, in and around Geelong,

fire destroyed several churches.

At the time rumours suggested

it may nor have been an accident.

Even though there were no really bad fires nearby,

this was the scene in Western Victoria also a few back.

 California or USA’s Pacific Coast states would

probably have seen similar, or worse,

during the past few months.

Sadly, I believe many of these fires would be

significantly reduced if authorities would allow

fallen timber to be removed from forest areas.

173 Victorians perished in fires a few years back

which were deliberately started and

burned through heavily forested areas where

there had been no fuel reduction.


Pic and Word Challenge: Fire