Surf along the

Great Ocean Road

Sunlovers at Nice

on the

French Riviera


Port Fairy Beach

South West









Mid-morning Fog


Sydney Harbour Fence


Port Fairy Beach


Moorabool Valley


Bunjil Lookout






Two different images this week.

First, Port Fairy beach on

Victoria’s, South West Coast.

Second, some of

Melbourne Zoo’s, Fairy Penguins,

which are now known by the

politically correct name

of ‘Little Penguins’


Word of the Day Challenge:  Fairy

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Carefree


This week’s contribution to Weekly Photo Challenge was taken while showing Canadian friends around my “neck of the woods” in January this year.



This is Port Fairy’s main beach. Port Fairy is a major tourist on Victoria’s South-West coast and also one of the earliest settled communities in Victoria. Until a few years ago I lived within twenty minutes drive from this beach.

Port Fairy is a major tourist destination during the Christmas/New Year break. While the beach is relatively deserted for a January day, these holiday makers were leading a carefree existence and enjoying their holiday break.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree (dailypost.wordpress.com)