Weekly Photo Challenge-Admiration



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



In February

The Spirit of ANZAC

exhibition was in Melbourne.

As I have regularly mentioned my Grandfather was

a Gunner on The Western Front after being deployed to Europe.

Was this the type of gun he was using?


Whichever side of the ‘fence’ soldiers were on…


they are people I admire.


For their courage….


in such appalling conditions.


For their ability to help a mate…


and for their ability to continue marching on.


However, these statistics we must never forget…

because these number only represent

about half the casualties of World War 1.


I was granted permission to photograph the exhibition

by a representative of the organiser.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Dinnertime



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



A while back we celbrate Father’s Day with

a special dinner outing at

the Titanic Restaurant

in Williamstown, a suburb of Melbourne.


Some of the passengers were seated at their tables in the

First Class Dining Room before we arrived.

We were assured by the Captain that our night

would end in disaster!

TItanic_IMG_0560Passengers were encouraged to dress in period costume,

however only a few made the effort.


Our table was ready for us when we arrived.



Between main course and desert we began to think

something was astray when smoke began to rise up

from below decks.

TItanic_IMG_0571We were all instructed in the use if life jackets,

which made us feel more secure in our life boats.

TItanic_IMG_0557After being picked up by the Carpathia our night ended

as we sailed into New York.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Landscape



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



This week some local landscape to begin with.blue-gum_0509Tasmanian Blue Gums at harvest time.

The foreground, while still containing a lot of off-cuts from harvest,

has coppiced and the trees are nearly twenty feet high again.

The trees in the back ground should be harvested by now.

And so this little slice of landscape is constantly changing.

landscape_0004A part of the Moorabool Valley are near Geelong.

landscape_0020AAASouth Africa.


Botswana village


Okavango Delta.

landscape_0292-001 Last, but not least, one of our favourite African scenes.

We felt we really had been to Africa after

a brief stop here between

Lekhubu Island and The Okavango Delta

in Botswana.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Dance



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



During a visit by a local South African dance troupe…

one of the dancers found a weak spot in the floor.


At the Nata Bird Sanctuary (Botswana) flocks of

expected flamingos were absent…except on the horizon.

flamingo dance_0439

In their absence our guide did a flamingo dance for us.

Amusing all including his second in charge.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Harmony






My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I have been out most of the day and begin

with a couple or re-posts.maggie_0800

The harmony of  our backyard is severely strained when

anything, or one, tries to come between Maggie and her food.


It’s moments like this which can also stretch a friendship.


These oxpeckers live happily on giraffes.


The harmony and discipline witnessed, and read about,

within an elephant families is adorable.

Apologies if you are getting tired of my elephant photos.

I think they are one of Africa’s most gorgeous, gentle animals.

Although there are times when they have told us

they are not happy to see us.




Weekly Photo Challenge-State-of-Mind


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

State of Mind


An early rise yesterday, preceded a morning spent shooting lions.

Lion_0998I was not expecting to be in such close proximity to them…Lion_0999

 and I felt a bit like joining in their siesta

Not the same as shooting in the wild but

when they decide to come so close…

I will accept the acrylic or glass barrier.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Seasons



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Corio Bay_1487

Winter sun on Corio Bay in June 2013


Autumn rain – March, 2014


Summer storm over Geelong, January, 2016.

ice_3008July 2007


First ice skating rink I have ever seen, June 2015.

Manly_0300A few months later…a hot December day in Sydney.