a long body of water curling into an arched form
and breaking on the shore


As  you  can see by my definition

of ‘wave’ mine are all

wet ones today.

All Torquay Beach waves.

A vey rough day a while back.

Surfing Torquay


And again…

Torquay wipe out.

I’m sure this would look more like a small tsunami

if the tourists were not admiring

the surf at Torquay







Nothing like baking…

…a birthday cake.



Nothing like sunbaking those legs

to a rich shade of brown…


…after applying liberal quantities

of sunscreen.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Something-Baked




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Winter views of three beaches within

a half hour drive of Geelong

Ocean Grove Beach


Torquay Beach

Eastern Beach


















There are many types of ‘waves’,

however, I am sticking with

my most photographed waves.

Some smallish waves near Gibson steps

which are near the Twelve Apostles. 

The rest of this week’s images were taken near…

…or at, Torquay beaches.


The waves were important in as much as…




…they gave my subjects…



…somewhere to play.







One of my favourite photos,

although I don’t think the surfer

would agree it was his best moment.


Ryan-Weekly-PC-69:   Waves






Not that I have frequented the cinema

to any great deal in the last 12 months,

it is just knowing that I can.

With some restrictions easing last weekend,

the week just gone was the first time,

in nearly two months,

that we have legally been able

to leave the house for anything other

than exercise and shopping for essentials,

without fear of being booked

for not being at home.

Cinemas, hotels, churches and schools

are still basically in lockdown conditions.


Strangely the week passed before

I realised this and consequently

I did not pack my camera and go

for a drive to Torquay beach

or anywhere else.

In fact in between conducting her zoom classes

MGW and I have been gardening.


FriendlyFriday:   Isolation-Cravings

Amanda                       Sandi




Torquay Beach, where you can…

…catch some air…

…take a drop…


…or just enjoy the scenery

I often mention Bells Beach

in conjunction with Torquay.

A web page devoted to surf talk mentions Bells

and imparted some interesting information.

Click anywhere along this link to visit.


Water-Water-Everywhere:   #27