Weekly Photo Challenge-Shine


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



The first two photos are re-posts but they do fit

the shine, reflection theme of this challenge, I think.


Part of Geelong’s foreshore with Geelong CBD in the background.


A similar night scene.


Also Corio Bay but taken last Thursday morning around 1000

 just before Camera Club meeting commenced.


Around 1400 on Thursday I stopped to photograph

this crop wave in a fairly stiff breeze.


About 1000 on Geelong’s Foreshore yesterday morning.

Probably not that unusual, but for October it is.

We measured 68 points of rain this morning.

It was the longest and steadiest downpour

we have had for some time.

Decided to bed  down and feed the dogs an early tea

as we were going out and the rain ceased a few minutes later.

Always happens!!





Weekly Photo Challenge-H2O



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



One of the last sights we viewed before leaving Dubai

in the wee hours of Wednesday morning was…


Tuesday’s one o’clock display of the

Dubai Fountain in the Dubai Mall complex.


We thought that we would be fighting for a position

but tourists were few and far between to watch this display.


 I have added a lot of shadow to this image

to enhance the fountain itself.

After  this display there were some suitcases

which required serious packing to fit all in.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Frame



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



A month or so ago I noted that on the first wekend of October

there is going to be an art show nearby and inquired

if there was a photography section.

There is.


I have posted both these photos in various challenges

but I have never been as pleased as seeing them

as A3 size images framed in A2 frames.



I probably only entered because I was sent an entry form.

But I like all five shots I am going to enter…provided

Number 2 Son, and or future DIL, remember to

take them into the show, as we will not be home

until after the show.

Sunrise - Corio Bay

Sunrise – Corio Bay

This last shot may be more to this week’s challenge.

There is only one spot along Corio Bay

where this shot can be taken and

even here I have had to use some of Photoshop’s features

to remove electricity wires and pole.

I have also since revisited this shot, several times,

to clean up my mistakes in this shot  🙂




Weekly Photo Challenge-Rare



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



In July this year, I managed to capture

some reasonable shots of the unexpected…

and have them in reasonable focus what’s more!


This sea-bird, not sure if seagull (a tern, or something else)

dropped in for breakfast as I photographed the boats.


Unfortunately subsequent photos,

as it continued to fly away with its catch,

are not as clear.


Two days earlier, July 19 I took this shot

and was very pleased when I enlarged the image…


to see the seagull in almost perfectly reflected.

It could be said that it was dipping its tip in

to see if the winter chill was abating.





Weekly Photo Challenge-Fun



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Saturday morning, like any other morning,

is time for a bit of fun with our canines.

Candi_Taji_0004After both squeezed into Candi’s kennel,

Taji found Candi’s prized possession.


Don’t think Candi really knew what it

was…but she wanted it back.

Candi_Taji_0010And Taji’s ear provided the usual target.


Retrieved at last.

Candi_Taji_0021Is it still good?


You’ve sucked all the good stuff off it.

Candi_Taji_0024I’m going to teach you not to mess with a kelpie.


Those little teeth won’t hurt me

and besides I have your bone.


Give it back….!!!!


I’ve swallowed it.  See!!

I’m not sure where most fun was had.

By the two canines.

The photographer, or preparing the post.

 Hope you had fun reading.

All photos taken through a glass door,
hence maybe why some look a bit soft focus.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Morning



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Most mornings, if we have the blinds up, begin like this.


The sun streams in through our eastern windows.


The next few shots are the results of some of my morning drives.

It could be a painted sky…


an old eucalyptus tree reflecting the early morning light…


Maybe even a cargo ship being guided into its berth…


or one of my favourites effects of nature,

the sun shining through clouds as in this pic.


Another variation of our eastern aspect.


Posted a weeks or so back… a Corio Bay Sunrise.

sunrise_0455And this Corio Bay scene can change from this…


to this.

Makes getting out and about in the mornings

all worthwhile.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Narrow



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Commencing in South Africa’s

Blyde River Canyon.


A narrow foot bridge spans…


a narrow gorge through which

the Blyde River passes.


Water cascades through a narrow opening in

one of the potholes at Bourke’s Luck Potholes


Meanwhile back in the old home state,

water was tumbling over Hopkins Falls last Wednesday.

In photography this shot would/could be

described as a narrow field of vision.



compared to the wider shot.

Although this shoot has been cropped to give

a narrow vertical field of vision.