Verandah images.

Moon setting behind neighbours trees.



Full moon.

Both images taken from

back (west facing) verandah.


Geelong Sunrise

This shot may have been captured

through a window

Sunrise..front (east) verandah.

Morning sunrise.


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This time of year we are no longer seeing

this scene in the morning…

…and our water bill has reduced accordingly

A slow shutter and some editing captured

the sun’s rays in the spray just nicely.


Word of the Day Challenge: Spray




Our Mock Orange in bloom

Taken  in late April four or five years ago,

we still have one or two green oranges on our tree.


It may be just my eyes

but I believe there is a tinge

of orange in this daisy.



Also some orange in the sunrise.

Finally, pumpkin seeds.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Orange



Around the garden leaves are showing

signs of decay as our dry autumn continues

and days grow colder.

About fifteen minutes prior to sunrise last Friday

I captured this colour.


As sunrise drew nearer the sky colour decayed

into a rather drab effort for a sunrise.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Decay




This week’s water photos are two of my favourites.

A Point Lonsdale Lighthouse sunset

in July 2017 provided this image. 

I like it simply because it was

my first achieving silky smooth water.


My favourite body of water

Geelong’s Corio Bay

Friday September 14, 2018,

a few minutes after sunrise.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Water