September 9, 2017.


Weekly Weather: Sun

Weekly Weather


Wordless Wednesday17_0609

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Black and White Tuesday in colour.

Sun not quite over the horizon.

0748 and the sun is nearly clear of the horizon.


Ad seagulls and their friends enjoy a low tide breakfast.

 Sunrise on eucalyptus trees.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Black and White Tuesday17-0509


Black and White Tuesday


I have taken to leaving with MGW…. 

when she leaves home early.  

 On;y I take my camera, and she goes off to work.

I still Corio Bay and its environs…


provide some great early morning shots.



Hope you enjoyed.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Unusual



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



This year was the first year for a long time…that we had a heavy frost.  

Much of our lawn is now brown,

with some green roots.  

Weeds like this bent over for a few days

and now continue to thrive.

The first half decent photo I have taken of

Geelong before sunrise.


Same morning as above, straight out of the camera.  

I think the slow shutter speed (1/3 sec)

helped the red show through.

Last but not least, I have posted this previously.  

However it is unusual to see

a rainbow, in the west, as the sunrises.