easy to mould, cut, compress, or fold;
not hard or firm to the touch.


Soft…and my first thoughts

were of our second born

and his collection of soft toys.

Which he still has!


My next thoughts turned to photography

and soft-focus…not as in bokeh, rather

just to take the harshness out of an image.












a hard mineral consisting of silica,
found widely in igneous and metamorphic rocks
and typically occurring as colourless
or white hexagonal prisms.


Although I cannot see any green (colour vision loss)

in this Amythest now, which may be due

to using an on-camera flash for the photo,

I thought I could when I purchased it for MGW

for our 35th wedding anniversary a month or so ago. 

The stone is an Amythest (our birthstone)

which, according to Google, is

a member of the quartz family.







the anniversary of the day on which a person was born,

typically treated as an occasion for celebration

and the giving of gifts


The pandemic stopped many events…


…however, family birthdays continued…


…albeit in a smaller format.

Earlier this year, we celebrated

the first birthday of our first grandchild.


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a state of awed admiration or respect

Wonderment was an ideal adjective to describe

our Granddaughter’s reaction to some special

treats on her first birthday.

 Just lucky mum was nearby to

save her hand from the flame.






too attractive and tempting to be resisted.

Our granddaughter had an irresistible urge

to climb into the box.

Trouble was she had not, at that stage,

read the chapter titled

‘How to get out of a box’  😉

I’m sure her reaction would be

the same the world over!






a person who collects or is
very fond of teddy bears

Our baby was our resident arctophile; even at such a young age.

As he approaches his thirtieth birthday mid-year

I think he still has all his soft toys and

that their condition is excellent.






kids ‘n’ treats


A still from a short video we received yesterday.

Just had to signify the day.

An open-air, family get together is planned

for Saturday along with up to 60 ml of rain,

according to the weather forecast.

Is this for me?

A birthday cake,

with all her favourite foods.


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*  all future generations of people.
*  the descendants of a person.




No 2 Son and me.

A quarter of a century later No 2 is now

Uncle with niece.


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