2020 in review

January bushfires, although a long way from us

created some spectacular sunsets.


February we attended the last large gathering for the year

when our youngest graduated from

Geelong’s Deakin University

with a Degree in Business.


Marching into autumn we found

our supermarket shelves bare…

…due to panic buying because of a thing called COVID 19.

Soldiering on into April saw the first of several

home delivered meals arrive at our front door.





May was almost normal minus crowded outings.

Even Zoom meetings were were fast becoming

a normal way to get together.


My first sunrise outing came in June

after lockdown restrictions were eased.


By July, wInter was really upon us;

cold and gloomy mornings,

followed by cool sunny days

What better time to learn a bit more about Photoshop.



By August we were well and truly in lockdown again

and our panic buys had nearly filled a spare room.

Mid-September, out of lockdown

and spring had arrived.



When were shown this scan, of our first Grandchild

and asked to wait until the twenty-week scan

until the parents made their announcement.

So in October we could talk about the news.

  November found me on a day trip to Port Fairy

for some photography.


November also brought an abundance of cemetery wild flowers…

…not to mention Callistemons in our garden.

Another morning and I found myself photographing

a ship leaving Port Phillip Bay.

The last week of November our cherries were harvested.

Early December some of the fruits of

lockdown projects in the garden.

Another December task is erecting and

decorating our Christmas tree.

And New Year’s Day it will be packed away

until next December.



SUNDAY STILLS PHOTOS:...2020-Retrospectively







Images of Christmas through the years.






The first Christmas as ‘empty nesters’

it was decided to use a smaller 4 foot tall tree.  

The two who had flown the nest

were not impressed.











Like the rest of 2020 Christmas

was different this year,

enjoyable…but different



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Christmas-2020








Christmas daisies in bloom.


The first indoor sign of the Season.

…followed closely by another important sign.

Christmas Gifts

A typical Christmas lunch table.

And who would have thought, 30 years ago,

that our eldest, and his wife,

would be in another country (New Zealand)

awaiting the birth of their first born

due in February.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:...The-Holiday-Season

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:...The-Holiday-Season

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…The-Holiday-Season

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:…The-Holiday-Season



See the present at the back of the tree.

I wrapped it and it’s there for a reason.  🙂


Just picture trembling hands, sticky tape,

scissors and wrapping paper,

all of which has a mind of its own.  😀


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Gift-Rappin







Christmas Tree 2020.

Like the rest of 2020 Christmas is going

to be different this year, not so much

due to COVID rather  personal circumstances. 

Our eldest is in New Zealand for Christmas

awaiting the birth of the first child. 

No 2 Soon is going to lunch with his in-laws,

however, we will see him on Christmas Eve

for Carols and again on Christmas night. 

This year instead of around 20 for

Christmas lunch there will

only be eight.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Christmas-2020






I’m not sure if this is crazy, however…

…after years of talking about edging

a garden bed we call  the orchard


…finally talk came to fruition back in August/September.


This past weekend…

…I captured a few images for this forum and

for my pictorial records.


Due to my limited photoshop skills some

of these images appear washed out.

While lightening shadows

I lost highlight clarity.



I  don’t expect this bed to be completed before Easter.

The final touch will be mulching; if I can locate

a suitable much that will not blow away.


Meanwhile, Petunias brighten the bed until soil settles

over the summer months.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Covid-Crazy





Precious moments of around thirty years ago.

Bath time


His own table and chair


Then came the child who would have been

an only child had he been the first child.

He loved his soft toys

There is no way I would try and reenact this image


Back in the winter I was handed this image

without explanation…

Turns out it is our first grandchild due around mid-February.

With every goods news story come a not so good story.

Several months after receiving the scan we were

told of another arrival due next year.

It was early days and the stress of buying/selling

and moving homes, we suspect,

may have contributed to this good news

being the not so good news with 48 hours.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:...Precious-Moments

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:…Precious-Moments

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…Precious -Moments

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:…Precious-Moments



After warding off breast cancer and prostate cancer

in the months leading up to his birthday,

 Father-in-law had every reason to be happy

on his 74th birthday.

Suffering the usual chemotherapy side effects

our boys chipped in and bought him this wig.

Twelve years later he is still going strong.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Happy





I have taken some license regarding the word walking this week.

I have combined riding a lawn mower and walking.

Last Friday afternoon I was cutting the grass

in front of our house when, about 50 metres away,

I noticed a Spur Winged Plover (Masked Lapwing)

which appeared to be sitting on a nest.

It was nesting and had two eggs which were

sitting on a bare piece of ground.

A most inhospitable place to bring

two offspring into the world.

Remaining two to three metres away

I cut a circle around the nest and hoped

Mrs Plover would return.

Which she did.



Come Saturday afternoon and not only

was there an extra egg in the nest,

there had also been some home decorating done.

The newly mown grass had been gathered

and wrapped around the eggs,

making the nest look more like a nest.



Amanda                       Sandi