Black and White Challenge:



A few years ago, 2014, to be precise…

 we had a day trip to Victoria Falls.

On our home journey,

at the Zimbabwe and Botswana border crossing

I thought I had lost my passport between

the Zimbabwe and Botswana check points.

After a five to ten minute delay…I found my passport

in my pocket (oops!)…we were on our way again.


Hardly had we commenced than we sighted this

family of elephants trying to find a break in the traffic

so they could get to the river for a drink.

Not one person thanked me for delaying our trip

so that we were able to capture this sight.  

All they could think of was me and my lost passport.  

One bloke among five women!!!

MGW…was leading the charge.  

I had no hope 😀  😀  😀  


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Letters-E-or-F




One Word Photo Challenge-Elephant



One of my favourite subjects.


Meet Tembo, a thirty year old, six ton, elephant

which killed six hippopotamuses

in a fit of rage after his mother was killed/died.

elephant_0232We met Tembo at

Elephant Whispers

in South Africa, 2013.

The following year we journeyed into Botswana

and while out seeking a pride of lions

came upon what our guides described as

over 1,000 elephants

migrating from A to B in small family groups

of  twenty or so animals.

We drove for 4 or 5 kilometres and all we saw

was elephants as far as the eye,

and camera lens, could see.

Something our guides had never previously sighted.

elephant_0048At Elephant Sands we were up close and personal

with these mighty mammals, so rules need to be posted.

elephant-h-1That was our accommodation for the night.

I’m sure an irate elephant could push it over fairly easily.

elephant_0294Having a night-cap for the tourists…and the reason for rules.


elephant_1371They came into the waterhole to drink and left

the way the entered the circle of cabins.

elephant_0193Did you ever see an animal looking so contented?

We were told that some German (I think) girls

went to the ‘ladies’ during the night and

walked our to be met by an elephant.

The elephant was not injured in the encounter,

although some of the girls may have been

as they scrambled back to safety

in the toilet block. 🙂

elephant_0337One of my favourite shots from

an island in the Chobe River.

The Chobe River is the dividing line between

Botswana and Namibia…the background.

elephant_0385bNow back to the beginning.

Elephant Whispers and Tembo.

Not often we are given an opportunity like this.

And it still irks me to think that some young visitors

could have spoiled it for all by blatantly disobeying the rules.

That is standing still and hands on

Tembo’s legs so he knew we were there…and

so we could feel any of his movements.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Africa take it because

nothing is better than seeing these animals

in their natural environment.  

At least that is my/our opinion.


 One Word Photo Challenge:Elephant


Weekly Photo Challenge-Harmony






My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I have been out most of the day and begin

with a couple or re-posts.maggie_0800

The harmony of  our backyard is severely strained when

anything, or one, tries to come between Maggie and her food.


It’s moments like this which can also stretch a friendship.


These oxpeckers live happily on giraffes.


The harmony and discipline witnessed, and read about,

within an elephant families is adorable.

Apologies if you are getting tired of my elephant photos.

I think they are one of Africa’s most gorgeous, gentle animals.

Although there are times when they have told us

they are not happy to see us.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Eye-Spy



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Eye Spy


I began searching for a photo which I did not find.  Instead I spied…

hawk_N2133this African Hawk, (hopefully someone know’s its name)…
horn-bill_N2141A Hornbill…all of which have an evil stare,

but are fun to have around.
leopard_N2154Thses eyes are looking for something…
leopard_N2149just not sure what.

elephant_N2144Taken from near our tent, this gentle giant decided he was going the long way around to the water hole this day.


This is why I love Africa.

Zoos don’t let you get so close as this…


Weekly Photo Challenge-Trio



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Mostly African trios this week…



ground-hornbill_N2199Ground Hornbill which…
ground-hornbill_N2200doesn’t look much more attractive at close quarters.

elephants_0855aWhere is the shade?


Dwarf Mongoose which barely remained still

long enough to take a shot.



 These Corellas (Cockatoos) are native to

Australia and southern New Guinea.

The last two are Where’s Wally shots

giraffes_0181Giraffes at the Sausage Tree Safari Camp water hole.

lions_0976This was part of a pride we found,

initially, on the road, at the end

of a very hot day and long day.


Travel Theme-Land-Water



Land meets Water

Travel Theme.


Some photos from Victoria’s southern coastline.

gor-11ANear the Twelve Apostles.

In today’s papers an article spoke of

117 hectares of land for sale

with thoughts of…


creating a Jurassic World style park/museum/attraction.

The land is next door to Dinosaur Cove.

Closer to Geelong are beaches near Torquay…


Queenscliffe_6526dand finally, a shot taken at Queenscliff.

I admit to colouring the water…just a tad 🙂


Where’s My Backpack?:

Travel Theme: Land Meets Water



Travel Theme-Independence




Travel Theme.


For the first year of an elephants life its trunk works

independently from the rest of its body.
elephant_0116So when they reach an age where they can control their trunks…

elephant_0219they  are only too willing to show their independence

by telling tourists to clear off out of their territory.

It’s kind of cute.


Where’s My Backpack?:

Travel Theme: Independence