Black and White Challenge.



Greater Kruger National Park

South Africa




Terrapin Shell

South Africa

Dahlia…Colour Pattern

Dahlia…Petal Pattern

Wind or water lines in the sand

on Killarney Beach

South West Victoria










the fact or process of a species, family,
or other group of animals or plants
becoming extinct.

Back in 2013 and 2014 South Africans

were lamenting the fact that rhinos in wild

were fast becoming a scarce commodity.

In fact Rhinos were on a fast track to

extinction in the wild.


Bewteen 2013 and 2020 there was a 51% decline

in the population (415 down to 202) of Black Rhinos in

South Africa due to

illegal poaching.



Bewteen 2011 and 2020 there was a 75% decline

in the population (10,621 down to 2,607)

of White Rhinos in South Africa due to

illegal poaching.

Poaching decline in South Africa for fifth year in a row | Save the Rhino

Although there was a sharp decline in poached rhinos

in the 5 years after 2014, there is speculation that

the decline in poached numbers in South Africa

may be partly to do with an increase in poaching

in other parts of Africa.

Kruger National Park, where most of the

poaching takes place, in South Africa,

is 4,900,000 acres in size, which meant

that in 2019 there was only ONE white rino

every 1,900 acres.

Black rhinos were even scarcer at

ONE very  24,500 acres.








an expedition to observe or hunt animals
in their natural habitat, especially
in East Africa.

The words zebra crossing took on

a whole new meaning on

an African Safari.


One of our first Safari sightings. 

An elephant drinking from a water tank,

in Kruger National Park.

As if reminding us it was time to leave,

we had a wake-up call around 0500 the morning

we left our safari guide for home.

An elephant decided to feed its way to the waterhole.

If you cannot see it look for a tusk above

the word Photography.





Denzil’s Nature PC.


African Ostrich


Australian Great Egret

White-Necked or Pacific Heron

near Geelong


African Heron

Kruger National Park

African Grey Heron




Denzil’s Nature PC.


I give these cactus plants a wide berth

when ever I’m near them…

…the pickles look sharp and I don’t really want

to discoverred how sharp for myself.


These feet also apprear sharp.

Good enough for me.

However, I am certain that

the African Acacia Tree

thorns are sharp







Kelpie and Labrador…our favourite brEEds

Australian Wedge Tail EaglE

Impalas are an African medium sized antElopE

African ElEphant

Cape Barren GEEsE native to south-eastern coast of Australia,

the southern coast of Western Australia

and in south-eastern Victoria.

Sydney Harbour FEncE

Port Fairy Fishing FlEEt





Denzil’s Nature PC.




New Holland Honey Eater

Pacific gull


Horse eye

Burchells Zebra