Candi our (Black and Tan)



LImpy the lioness in

Greater Kruger National Park


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  L-and-K







About five or six years ago were were offered

the opportunity to purchase land in the area

that was to become

South Africa’s

Greater Kruger National Park.

The idea was to build a lodge on it

and cater for the tourist trade.

Being on a Safari high….it was tempting.

The set up cost would have cleaned us out

and after living with empty pockets in the 1990s,

we do like to have a dollar in our pockets.


However, every now and again I wonder…..

for just a split second


FriendlyFriday:  Alternative-Version


Friendly Friday





a hard creamy-white substance composing the main part of the tusks

of an elephant, walrus, or narwhal, often (especially formerly)

used to make ornaments and other articles


An Elephant tusk...

…at close range.




Mostly Geelong sunsets with

a few others variety.

Sunset over Namibia,

Chobe River,

Botswana, 2014.

Geelong sunset.

Our first sunset for 2019.

Geelong sunset.

Geelong sunset.

Alaskan sunset, 2018

Alaskan sunset, 2018.

From memory the Alaskan sunsets

were taken around midnight.

South African sunset, 2013

Sunset from the Sky Tower


New Zealand

Geelong sunset

Point Lonsdale Pier

and Lighthouse

at sunset.




Commencing in Melbourne’s

Werribee Open Range Zoo.

A big and small horn on a white rhinoceros.

Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Even the ‘small’ is big by our standards.

Mum, Dad and family on a hot day in

Kruger National Park,

South Africa..



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Big-and-Small




Nature’s frame fillers.











…the nearby

Winchelsea Dahlia Farm.

Arches in a Dubai Mall.

Finally, back to South Africa…


…for some…


This is/was ‘Limpy’ the lioness.

She was no more than twenty feet from my camera


One  of my zebra images on a client’s wall.


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