Whenever I see a mob of sheep

I think of farming days…briefly,

…until the realization that it only takes a cold,

wet break in the weather to wipe out

many of the lambs.


 These cubs bring about warm, fuzzy feelings

of how lucky we were to see them

and their mother..

A similar feeling comes when viewing most of

my African animal photos.

Although vets had to put Limpy down less than

twelve months after this photo was taken,

I will never forget the feeling as she turned

her head and looked straight into my cameras lens.

We were travelling in an open side vehicle.

She was only about twenty feet from me

and I can still feel the goose bumps

covering my body as this image was taken.

Limpy was the mother of the two cubs.




First up…

…the Southern Yellow Hornbill,

sighted in Kruger National Park,

South Africa.



African Fish Eagles have a gorgeous call

especially in the evening.



A grey, red billed Hornbill.



Lesser Masked Weaver.



Lilac Breasted Roller


Lilac Breasted Roller




Red Headed Weaver

Red Headed Weaver.

All sightings in Botswana,

with exception of the first image.



Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Birds






strike or propel forcibly with the foot.

Although here appearance is

gangly and unstable…

…apparently giraffes pack a powerful kick

in all four legs.

Australian Rules Football revolves around

players kicking the ball.

Unlike the round ball game (Soccer) players

are also allowed to handle the ball.








a large bird of prey with the head and neck
more or less bare of feathers,
feeding chiefly on carrion and reputed
to gather with others in anticipation of the death
of a sick or injured animal or person.



A much heavier bird than I thought it would  be.






Nothing all that

odd about this image, except…

…that in this image the birds appear

to be chatting to each other.

Then they would extend their wings for balance,

and their heads would bob up and down

as if they were laughing at a joke.

This was repeated several times.

Talk, laugh, talk, laugh…

Did you hear the one about….?


FriendlyFriday:   Odd-Couples

Amanda                       Sandi