Floral Friday17-0210_Engelberg


Floral Friday Challenge.


While in Lucerne, last September,

we took a drive to Engelberg

to visit a small tourist farm.

engelberg_switzerland_0324Once at the farm we were split into groups

for a two-horse power city exploration drive.

Although these are not high quality photos…

engelberg_switzerland_0357they do give an idea…

engelberg_switzerland_0364of the beauty of Engelberg.


All to soon our ride was over

and we headed back to the farm.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday






Small Towns

While we were in Lucerne…

engelberg-switzerland_0354we were taken on an excursion to Engelberg…
engelberg-switzerland_0379a small town about 30 minutes drive south.


Our purpose was to visit a small tourist farm and

sample some it wares, as well as…

engelberg-switzerland_0372being taken for a horse and cart ride

around this charming town.

engelberg-switzerland_0380Having spent 55 years of my life in

Victoria’s Western District,

where our ‘mountain’ peaks are

about 300 metres above sea level, I think this part

of the world is absolutely beautiful.

However, I think I would missing the sun rise

and set on a near sea-level horizon after a while.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Small Towns