difficult to perceive; indistinct or vague.

A fuzzy Melbourne skyline…

…and a clear Melbourne skyline;

both captured during our

hot air balloon ride ride

a few years ago.








Departing Heathrow Airport,



My favourite seagull flight image.


Our 30th Wedding anniversary was celebrated

with a hot air balloon flight over Melbourne.


Australian Wedge Tail Eagle 


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Flight










the action or process of flying through the air.

Seagull at

Balyang Sanctuary,




Celebrating a wedding anniversary

with a hot-air balloon flight over

Melbourne a few years ago.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Flight






the period from sunset to sunrise
in each twenty-four hours.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

New Zealand


Disney Wonder in the distance

at 2300 hours in Alaska


Nearly 2200 (10 PM) Alaskan time

Disney Wonder at 2330 hours


Alaskan sunset


Prince’s Bridge over Melbourne’s

Yarra River

Melbourne CBD and the Yarra River

Evan Walker footbridge



Melbourne sunrise



Melbourne moonset.


Finally, Geelong from my hospital room last year.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Night










practical contact with and observation of facts or events

A few years ago My Good Wife decided that we would

take a Hot Air Balloon ride over Melbourne

to celebrate our wedding anniversary.


It did eventuate on our second try….the first time

being cancelled at 0345 the morning of the event

due to higher than wanted winds.

Ever since with the exception of COVID years,

it has been a wedding anniversary experience 


Earlier this year our experience was a day trip to

Craigs Hut which was featured

in the 1980-81 movie

The Man From Snowy River


Tom Burlinson and Kirk Douglas

At 1450 m (4757 feet) above sea level, even in early April

warm clothing was a must.








30th Wedding Anniversary

Four years ago we experienced

a Hot Air Balloon lift off for our

thirtieth Wedding Anniversary.

The Northern White Crowned Shrike

was captured while visiting

Sausage Tree Safari Camp

Sausage Tree Camp

forms part of

South Africa’s

Greater Kruger National Park.

The African Harrier Hawk posed for us

for a few minutes before it thought it wiser…

…to take to the air as gracefully…

..as it could.

African Harrier Hawk

Both birds were sighted

while staying at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:...Taking-Flight

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:...Taking-Flight

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…Taking-Flight

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:...Taking-Flight




A departing plane at Heathrow.



Escalator in

Burj Al Arab,



Elevator doors in

Burj Al Arab,





Hot air balloon over Melbourne.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Move-Up-Down





Three years ago we celebrated our

wedding anniversary with

a Hot Air Balloon Ride over

Melbourne with


Almost before dawn we were silently rising

with our sister balloon not far behind.

A light breeze had gathered by

the time we were landing which

made touch-down difficult for

our sister balloon.


Our landing seemed much smoother

and once we had the brake man in place

all was well.


We had gone up and now,

around an hour and a half later,

we were down on Terra firma again.

This year’s wedding anniversary

was celebrated with a home

delivered pub meal.

Wedding Anniversary 2020 will

be memorable for different reasons.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Up-Down