The last city we visited while

in the U.K. in 2016 was York.

 These three images are of part of the wall…

surrounded old York, if I may put it that way.


A gateway in the York wall. 

Either side of the main gateway

is the eye of the needle

referred to in the Bible. 

‘…it is easier for a camel to pass

through the eye of a needle,

than for a rich man to

enter the kingdom of God…’ 

At least I believe this is so.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Wall




I have stated previously that…

our Christmas Tree brings back… 

more treasured memories each year…


as we collect more decorations… 


from places visited. 


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Treasure





Prior to visiting some York friends we were told of

The Shambles…

So a couple of images from The Shambles, in York.

Perhaps not quite what was expected for the challenge,

however as Shambles also refers to a butchers slaughterhouse….  🙂

Maybe in Old York this was the home of butchers.

Perhaps still is!

Google suggests that “The Shambles is a general term

for a maze of twisting, narrow lanes.  

The lane actually called ‘The Shambles’, is perhaps

the best preserved medieval street in the world.

The Shambles was mentioned in

the Doomsday Book of William the Conqueror in 1086.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Shambles




Street lights from York also Brugge…

but mainly Geelong.I found these in York…


and these in Brugge. 

Street light reflecting on Corio Bay, Geelong.


Sepia streets lights at Geelong’s…

Eastern Beach car park in May, 2018.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Street-Lights




Row is a peculiar word…isn’t all the English language?

  Depending on context and pronunciation,

it can mean…

an argument,

propelling a boat manually through/across water, or

a line of things.

I focus on the latter two meanings this week.Row(ers) on the River Ouse in York with

rows of Redboats in the background

I don’t own shares in Woollies,

but a supermarket is a great place for rows of trolleys.


I think these rubbish bins were in

the same Victorian town.

Some of Geelong’s Bollards, lined up to save lives.

Rows of seats in my local movie theatre.


These bollards are to be found at Docklands

where the ferry docks in Melbourne.