My post this week consists of images from

Geelong’s Corio Bay.

Griffin Gully Pier…

…is my favourite spot for a sunrise shoot…

…the exact spot from where… 

…all my sunrise photos… 


…for this post were shot.


Finally, an after dark shot of

Cunningham Pier Restaurant






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A very early and firm favourite of  mine.

Tree has since been removed and the

Church is surround by a car dealership.


Early morning Corio Bay, Geelong

Melbourne Skyline from Williamstown Marina

Geelong Marina,

Friday, March 12, 2021









Most of today’s images are ‘first light’ images.

I am often in awe of colours…


…in Mother Nature’s palette.


Not only colour but also patterns…

…or no patterns all lighted by…



…by our rising, or in this case, setting, star.


Blue Hour light

at Geelong Marina

Friday morning

March 12, 2021.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Light









a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form,
that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

My entry this week consists of several photos

which I think fit the theme.

Griffin Gully sunrise.

An enhanced morning image for a room

with similar tones.



Sunrise near Griffin Gully.

I displayed this image in a local

arts show a few years ago.



Probably my favourite for 2020.

Only editing would be sharpening, lighting.

The steam is Mother Nature at her best.






Every now and again I take my camera out

and shoot without really checking settings.

A similar problem occurs if I move from

a bright to dull setting.

The consequences are reversed if moving

from a dull to bright setting.

This Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC) image

on a foggy morning was far too dull for me.

A fiddle in Photoshop and I had two acceptable

and a bit different versions.

Same image, inverted colours.

I like both images but I think I am on my own.

Another form of editing I like

is cropping.

Image 2707 has too many distractions

and again a tad dull.


Image 2708 is much better with

the onboard flash operating…



Image 2708 (again) and the pick of the crop.

Again I used Picasa to crop and create

a macro style image.



Amanda                       Sandi




Sunset over the neighbours trees.


A harvest sunset

Sunrise on Corio Bay.

At sunrise the temperature was 1 degree Celsius

and the water appears to boil.

Friday June 5, 2020



Just before sunup June 19, 2020

My favorite from my last two sunrise shoots.






June 19, 2020.

Blue Hour.

Image taken at 0650 hours this morning

Enhanced Slightly.

Another from this morning.

Again enhanced sightly.


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