a new dawn

A new beginning; a fresh start;
an important, promising turning point.


Being a tad literal, some of my new dawns

captured during the past few years.


Geelong prior to sunrise.


Griffin Gully pier.


October 2021.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...A-New-Dawn






a view

the ability to see something or
to be seen from a particular place.

Banff Springs Hotel

Million Dollar View.


During recent years,  Griffin Gully

has proven to be a wonderful spot

for Blue Hour…


…and sunrise photos…

…all year round.

From high atop the London Eye…

Big Ben quickly became…

…Little Ben.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   A-View







According to media outlets,

Winter commences on June 1st.

My primary school definitely taught us

that Winter or the seasons commenced

on the solstices and equinoxes.

June 11-2021

Late Autumn or early Winter depending

on one’s point of view.

July 30

Six or seven weeks later and there are

no arguments about the season…

Definitely Winter.


However, around mid-July winter does take on

a brighter hue when the first signs of spring

appear in the form of our Golden (above)

and Cootamundra Wattles (Acacias)

in bloom.

August, 07

Come August and Erlicheer jonquils have lived

up to their name adding some cheer

to our Winter gardens.

Jonquils are followed by daffodils adding

their touch of colour into early Spring.

Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Colour-of-Winter






Morning reflections…


…on Corio Bay.


Morning Geelong,

from Griffin Gully


August sunrise on Corio Bay



Sunrise over Geelong



Sunshine on Corio bay


Morning reflections on Corio Bay.



Corio Bay from…



Griffin Gully,



A Photo a Week Challenge:…Sunrise









without special intervention;
in a natural manner

…There is nothing like…

…Mother Nature

when it comes…

…to natural beauty.






Blue hour



Industrial North Shore at night

North Shore as the sun rises

Camera: Nikon D90

Lens: Sigma 50-500mm

Focal length: 50mm

Exposure:  1/20


ISO: 200

These two images

(above and below)

are straight out of my Nikon D90

Camera: Nikon D90

Lens: Sigma 50-500mm

Focal length: 50mm

Exposure:  1/10


ISO: 200


The only difference in settings is

that the exposure time

let double the amount of light

reach the sensor.

And the shot was captured

a mere 46 seconds after

the first of the pair.


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Our ISP says it is not something they can fix.

We have to wait until September 1st (Wednesday morning)

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National Broadband Network Technician

and hope he can fix whatever is wrong.


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