Blue hour



Industrial North Shore at night

North Shore as the sun rises

Camera: Nikon D90

Lens: Sigma 50-500mm

Focal length: 50mm

Exposure:  1/20


ISO: 200

These two images

(above and below)

are straight out of my Nikon D90

Camera: Nikon D90

Lens: Sigma 50-500mm

Focal length: 50mm

Exposure:  1/10


ISO: 200


The only difference in settings is

that the exposure time

let double the amount of light

reach the sensor.

And the shot was captured

a mere 46 seconds after

the first of the pair.


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The Million Dollar View

Fairmont Hotel Banff, Canada.

Originally this view was where hotel staff

were to be housed…at the back of the building.

It didn’t take long before staff were moved

to a less desirable location and paying guests

were housed in the

Million Dollar View



Sun up on Corio Bay

A foggy morning at Griffin Gully, Geelong.

Another Griffin Gully morning.

One of my morning shoots between

Lockdowns 2 and 3 last year.

I was waiting for the sun to break through

just left of this shot and just could not believe

the difference between the cool sea

in front of me and what appears

to be a boiling sea in this image.

Nothing like a clear blue sky,

canola in bloom and some

gnarled old eucalypts.

Another of my favourites from

Geelong’s, Corio Bay.

One image I have yet to capture

is just prior to a summer sunset

when the reflected light from the hulls

appears much brighter than in this shot.


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Some random potential postcard images.

Eastern Beach


The Twelve Apostles

Lochard Gorge

Corio Bay Sunrise



Ferris Wheel


Million Dollar view



Leaning Tower of Pisa

Eiffel Tower



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