Floral Friday17-0210_Engelberg


Floral Friday Challenge.


While in Lucerne, last September,

we took a drive to Engelberg

to visit a small tourist farm.

engelberg_switzerland_0324Once at the farm we were split into groups

for a two-horse power city exploration drive.

Although these are not high quality photos…

engelberg_switzerland_0357they do give an idea…

engelberg_switzerland_0364of the beauty of Engelberg.


All to soon our ride was over

and we headed back to the farm.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




One Word Photo Challenge-Distance



After a rain ride up steep Mt Rigi, in Switzerland…mt-rigi_0086this last two hundred metre walk look long and steep.

A quick conference with my knees,

they agreed they could make it…slowly.

The trip down, this shot is about halfway,

was just as arduous as there was very little to hold on to.

mt-rigi_0068It was well worth the effort as the view from to top,

over Lake Lucerne, was just stunning.


 One Word Photo Challenge:Distance