citrus sinensis

also known as the sweet oranges,
is a commonly cultivated family of oranges
that includes blood oranges and navel oranges.


I am uncertain if it is only a colour challenge

or if samples of oranges are required.

Therefore I have mixed it up a bit…


…and included some fruit and

some simple colours.


Our little orange tree does not produce

very good fruit for eating.

Inner Melbourne is home

to this image.


I captured this image at Rigi, near Lucerne, Switzerland.

  It took quite a while before I realised that these

were not oranges and looked more like pumpkins.

Whatever they are, I have no idea if they were real or artificial.


While speaking of pumpkins…


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Colour-Citrus-Sinensis





A London Bridge goodbye,


Port of Vancouver,


Stanley Park



Lake Lucerne…





Corio Bay






the warmest season of the year,
in the northern hemisphere
from June to August
and in the southern hemisphere
from December to February.







I would really struggle to find any bikini-clad

sun lovers in Victoria this time of year.

However, I as in Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne

I’m sure there would be plenty

soaking up the sun as this group did.

Enjoying summer sun

in Nice,


Here Comes the Bride…

…for her beach wedding at Torquay.

Busy Manly beach


Lion’s eyes.


Lens-Artist PC Patti:…Seeing-Double*

Lens-Artist PC Leya:...Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Amy:…Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Tina:...Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Anne:…Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Sofia:…Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC André:…Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Jez:...Summer-Vibes






a small vessel for travelling over water,
propelled by oars, sails, or an engine.


Boats at anchor


Coast guard boat

A real ‘tinnie’


An inflatable boat on

Lake Lucerne





a long walk or walking tour.

After a comfortable train ride up Mt Rigi

we had to hike up a short but steep path

to reach the summit.


I thought the walk back down

to the souvenir shop was equally,

if not, more arduous than the going up.