take or go with
(someone or something)
to a place.

Although my images were taken in

Vancouver’s Stanley Park, (Canada)

and on

Melbourne’s St Kilda Pier (Australia)

…they both have something in common.

In both photos, someone did remember

to bring the camera.  😄😄


FOWord Challenge:…Bring




just for fun

simply to have fun

I took these images in Vancouver’s Stanley Park.

For fun, I extracted the landed girl (second image)

and imported her into the first, as above.



Last year some bloggers were

making swirls on their posts.

I also had a go with the

resulting image above.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Just-For-Fun






Jumping for joy in Stanley Park,



…at Port of Vancouver.

Relaxed on London Bridge

Assignment at

Saint Kilda Pier



Need some help?



Art appreciation in



A gesture of friendship?  I think not!

Especially as her parents were

asking her to stop so

I could get my shot.




a mythical sea creature with the head and trunk
of a woman and the tail of a fish,
conventionally depicted as beautiful
and with long flowing golden hair.

Not a mermaid as I thought;

simply a girl in a wetsuit

in Vancouver Harbour,



Fandango’s One Word Challenge:..Mermaid




*  equivalent to the product of two and three;
  one more than five, or four less than ten; 6.
*  a group or unit of six people or things.



Six feet in this photo.






Samples of Australia’s pre-decimal currency. 

The larger coins on the right are officially

known as ‘florins” which is Two Shillings. 

Colloquially they were knowns as Two Bob.

Smaller coins on the left are One ‘shilling’ coins. 

Known as ‘a bob‘ or a ‘deena’ (not sure of spelling).

I don’t know why.

In total those four coins equal 6 shillings



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Six






spring  / autumn


A bit late….forgot to post last week.

A spring in the air,  

Stanley Park,




This time of year finding autumnal scenes

much easier Down Under.



Japanese Maple leaves

from last year.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Spring










Some of Vancouver’s

Giant Laughing Statues…

…in Stanley Park.



A spontaneous laugh at Sydney’s

Manly Beach


Father after receiving his wig for his

74th birthday about ten years ago. 

That year he had been treated for breast and

at least one other type of cancer…maybe two. 

He celebrated his 86th birthday in mid-October.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Laughter