relating to water

Prior to our visit to Lucerne, I had never thought…

…of Switzerland as having an…

…aquatic recreational industry.

I was so wrong.


Geelong’s Corio Bay…

…is another story…

A glimpse of the Bay from anywhere…


…and you will see signs of aquatic recreation…

…and that is before you are anywhere near the Marina.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Aquatic






floating in water;
not sinking



Afloat on…

…on Lake Lucerne.

 Floating along Glacier Bay…

…on ice which had broken off…

Margerie Glacier.








a short pole with a broad blade
at one or both ends,
used without a rowlock to move
a small boat or canoe
through the water.


A paddleboard on Lake Lucerne

Paddling Lake Lucerne.

One bloke, four girls and guess who

is doing the work?   

Maybe he’s just the ballast!


Paddling at the beach


An old stern-wheel paddle


Paddling at

Gibson Steps Beach 

Large webbed feet and ducks paddle.








I’m not sure why…

…mankind deems it necessary to endure strenuous walks

while carrying backpacks, when on vacation.

I do know why…I think.

Where else are we going to put our cameras,

medications of all varieties,

the wet weather/cold weather gear,

sunscreens, spare glasses,

bottle of water and so on??


Whether a long holiday,

a long weekend

or simply a day out in the sun…



..relaxing on and around Lake Lucerne

seems an ideal way to take a break.


Ryan-Weekly-PC-72:   Vacation






Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne provides

the setting for my first images this week.

And why wouldn’t the bloke in the boat

have a huge smile on his face.

While there were plenty of people enjoying the Lake,

both on and off the water, generally speaking

most of us felt that it was

not quite swimming weather.

However, I daresay many would think I am mad

to drag myself out of the house

to watch the sun rise.


Then there are those who actually play…

…on the water.


These images taken with the camera club

to which I belong was out on Corio Bay

for a sunset cruise in February 2019.

My preference is for some sunrise shots

followed by a McDonalds coffee.






Some random ‘play’ photos.

Our first day in South Africa, 2013. 

No,  that is not yours truly among the trees. 

Rather one of the Australian organisers.

Closer to home. 

Our new timid cat (Smudge) terrorizing Candi.


Candi at play.

Not sure who gets most enjoyment,

Candi or her human thrower.

People at play on and around

Lake Lucerne.