My favourite New Zealand bridge image.


Sailing under Melbourne’s

West Gate Bridge

on a trial

Geelong-Melbourne Ferry


Auckland Harbour Bridge

at sunset.

Misery Creek Bridge.

The Bridge of Sighs was the only bridge

that I wanted to get close to when in Italy.

This was the best I could do.





the art or practice of designing and
constructing buildings.

The National Gallery Victoria.

The architecture of this building is such…

…that Melbournians either love or hate.








a person or thing that combines
contradictory features or qualities.

Not certain that this is a paradox. 

However, I cannot think of anything more

contradictory to find on

Melbourne’s 21st Century roads…

…than a horse and carriage stopped

at traffic lights alongside a

21st Century Honda automobile.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Paradox









Foot bridge over the Yarra River.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral



Bourke Street Mall

Bourke Street Mall


Marigolds and Cosmos.



Tram with Southern Cross Station

in background.


Hot Air Balloon view of Melbourne



Melbourne form Williamstown


Saint Kilda Pier and…

…Melbourne skyline.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Cityscape










I happened to spot this harpist

setting up in Brugge.

What appeared to be tourists

were being lead her way.

Five minutes later not a sign of her.

Must be the shortest practice/busking

session ever.


I know I posted this image last week,

however, looking at again I could not help

but wonder if this bloke could practice

his pick up technique a bit more?


Even Lucerne’s famous Chapel Bridge,

which crosses the Reuss River is an ideal place

to hone one’s skills and perhaps glean

a few tourist dollars/euros in the process.

A Bourke Street, Melbourne, busker


What a way to practice one’s

Twister skills and…


…pay a bill or two at the same time.

I love this image.

The very young appreciating

the older generation’s skills.

Something not seen or heard very often

these days….unfortunately.



Amanda                       Sandi