Around the turn of the century,

a new football stadium was built

in the Docklands precinct of Melbourne.

It was/is only a five-minute walk from

your train platform at Southern Cross Station. 

Unfortunately, in 2013, city planners allowed one of the banks

to build in front of Docklands Stadium.  

This modern monstrosity, in my option,

has thoroughly spoiled views of the stadium.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Modern




Row is a peculiar word…isn’t all the English language?

  Depending on context and pronunciation,

it can mean…

an argument,

propelling a boat manually through/across water, or

a line of things.

I focus on the latter two meanings this week.Row(ers) on the River Ouse in York with

rows of Redboats in the background

I don’t own shares in Woollies,

but a supermarket is a great place for rows of trolleys.


I think these rubbish bins were in

the same Victorian town.

Some of Geelong’s Bollards, lined up to save lives.

Rows of seats in my local movie theatre.


These bollards are to be found at Docklands

where the ferry docks in Melbourne.


One Word Photo Challenge-Positive


My positive post comes…

at the end of a 90 minute trial ferry service

from Geelong to Melbourne.

Seeing the sun rising under the West Gate Bridge,

sailing under said bridge and

looking up to see the Australian flag flying high

are all things not experienced when driving.

As we motored up the Yarra River

to our, 0745, Docklands destination,

the sunrise was there to guide us.

Perhaps not the most spectacular sunrise photographed,

but certainly better than full cloud cover.

All-in-all a very positive early morning outing.


One Word Photo Challenge: Positive




All day I have had deadlines to meet.This morning’s alarm was set for 0445 so I could…

be in Geelong for the 0615 departure of

the #portphillipferries trial run of a new

Geelong – Melbourne service.

Melbourne’s skyline was soon visible

and at 35 knots time passed quickly.

By around 0730 sunrise was beginning to

show over the clouds…

The Yarra River provided a slower speed

and glimpses of the sun between buildings.

The West Gate Bridge over the Yarra,

is one  of the major road feeds

in to Melbourne from the west.

I have driven it countless times,

however this was a first.

We arrived at Docklands, behind Etihad Stadium

on our deadline of 0745.

After making my way to

Southern Cross Station in Spencer Street,

I discovered I had a little over thirty minutes

before my return journey by train departed at 0910.

Just enough time for breakfast!


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Deadline



Tennis fans will probably have seen

Rod Laver Arena

from ground level, or on TV, as have I.

From high up in our Hot Air balloon we had

our first aerial  view, last year.

And not far away is the

Melbourne Cricket Ground, site of the 1956 Olympics

and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Left Foreground..light towers.




Tuesday Photo Challenge



A few puffs…

of hot air…


into our…



soon had us rising…


into to the cool morning air…

and silently sailing over Melbourne

beneath a setting moon.


While most of Melbourne was slept

we soared into the fresh morning air…

to admire Melbourne’s skyline

as the sun rose.