Floral Friday17-0217_Ballarat


Floral Friday Challenge.


On  Tuesday, Valentines Day, I drove to Ballarat

to photograph some of its old architecture.


I was somewhat side-tracked by its begonias

being readied for ANZAC Day and the well known

Ballarat Begonia Festival.


I was just in time to see them being fed and chat to the gardener…


 who told me that he always plants red in this bed

for ANZAC Day, April 25.


Some beds were nearly down to foliage only….


however, there was a splash or two of colour

to brighten the scene.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Wordless Wednesday17_Valentines_Day

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Valentines Day 2017, has come and nearly gone

at the time of writing this post.


The big difference this year was…

sunset_geelong_4891The big difference this year was that No 1 Son’s girlfriend

organised a fish and chip dinner/eat out

at Geelong’s Eastern Beach.


Although a bit on the chilly side of hot for this time of year,

a great night was had by all.

MGW had been telling any of the school girls who asked

what she was doing for Valentines Day,

that we were double dating with our son and girlfriend,

which they thought, or said, was pretty cool.

Not sure if No. 1 Son would have thought so.

However, he is no longer the boss!!!!


Why fish and chips?

It is something she has missed,

or has not had ‘family’ to share it with,

since moving to Melbourne.

  It also gave me an opportunity to capture some sundown silhouettes.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Floral Friday17-0210_Engelberg


Floral Friday Challenge.


While in Lucerne, last September,

we took a drive to Engelberg

to visit a small tourist farm.

engelberg_switzerland_0324Once at the farm we were split into groups

for a two-horse power city exploration drive.

Although these are not high quality photos…

engelberg_switzerland_0357they do give an idea…

engelberg_switzerland_0364of the beauty of Engelberg.


All to soon our ride was over

and we headed back to the farm.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Wordless Wednesday17_Golden_Plains

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About twenty to thirty minutes drive from Geelong

is an area known as The Golden Plains


In early February the reason for its name hardly needs explaining.

Both grasses and paddocks have taken on

a dry golden hue as summer  is drawing to a conclusion.

Well in a few weeks it should be cooling.



I’m not sure if Picasa’s Heat Map pre-set actually show

the ‘hot’ areas of a photo, however,

this is a fair representation of hot and cool/cold areas

in this lansdscape today.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Recently someone commented about…

the texture of eucalyptus trees


They can be very smooth to touch…


or rather rough,

particularly when shedding bark.


This one has a combination of textures

in a small area.


Something different.

House bricks all look reasonably smooth from a distance.

However, this one is anything but smooth at close quarters.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Texture



Speak Out


When we converted our farm into to forestry property,

we were assured that all fencing materials would be buried.

wire_1096Instead material was left lying around

wherever contractors decided to drop it.

wire_10924In one instance there was over $50 worth of

good quality posts thrown over my boundary fence

and left lying on the roadside for anyone to come and take.

The above mess was at least inside my fence lines.

 wire_1109It was only after a chat and some photos were sent

to the company writing my cheques

that a hole was created and wire began

to disappear from my paddocks.


DP_Discover Challenge: Speak Out