For the Open Topic I have chosen to post

photos taken in 2018,

commencing with the furthermost object…

the Moon.

A bridge, forming pat of Geelong’s Ring Road,

and although it appears fairly close…


it is just part of the back ground in this shot.


Sunrise from our front yard.


Visitors to our backyard.

Galah is also a term bestowed upon someone

who has done something silly.

As in

‘…you galah…’

‘…you flaming galah…’

‘…you’re a galah…’

Click here for the Google search results.

Galah can be used in a derrogatory, or friendly, sense.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Open-Topic






On January 9, I posted this photo of

the moon and its halo which has been

known to be an indicator of rain.

On Friday January 12, rain began to fall.

Slow rain.

Steady rain.

The garden heaved a sigh of relief.

Overnight we received

8.5 millimetres/30 points,

of rain.

This morning  the rain has continued

in showers through to mid afternoon.

Not much sun but we have had showers

similar to this one in early October.



Weekly Weather: Sun Shower

Weekly Weather

Black and White Tuesday18-0109


Black and White Tuesday


Carrying on  the nature theme from the

A Photo a Week Challenge.

Canola crop

Foggy morning jewells.

Cross over.

Two garden sprays intersect

prior to a 40 plus temperature

last Saturday.



Hope you enjoyed.





Week 3

Structure in Nature

I’m not sure if this is the task this week, however…

this is a canola crop taken  a few months ago.

Changing green to other colours

enhanced the structure of

the plants and crop, I believe. 


A Photo a Week Challenge: Structure-in-Nature