Hamilton Enclosed Gardens

New Zealand

One of the last places…

…we visited was The Hamilton Gardens.

Much of the Hamilton Gardens was, or is, foliage.

It also has a nice walk into the enclosed gardens.



Hopefully I have enough photos and

title images to make some reasonable posts.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday







While not necessarily applauding…

…the girls in this African Dance Troupe

are clapping their hands.


Both the African and the

New Zealand entertainers had us…

…on our feet dancing along.

All entertainers were warmly applauded

at the conclusion of their performances.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Applaud



Towers from all over.

Eiffel Tower.

A Leaning Tower at Pisa


Burj Khalifa


Towering Redwoods in Rotorua

New Zealand

Light house towers.




A catch up post.

Falling water in Banff’s…


…Cascade Gardens.

The ‘fall’ may not be any higher than the

Cascade Garden falls, however,

Huka Falls a few minutes out of Taupo,

New Zealand wins, hands down,

for power and quantity.


Witsend-Weekly-PC – Falling-Water




I shall commence with an image

which may not quite fit.

Part of the Californian Redwood Forest

on the outskirts of Rotorua

in New Zealand.

Bicycles in Lille sporting lots  of red.


A specimen from the Dahlia Farm

near Geelong in 2018.





Hamilton (NZ) Enclosed Gardens.


The Chinese Scholar’s Garden.

Today I have a flower…

…which I can name.

I really was not expecting to see so many,

or any, rhododendrons in New Zealand.

Then again visits to gardens were not

on the agenda when we left home.

And that is the beauty of not being

part of a tour group.



Hamilton Enclosed Gardens,

New Zealand