These look a tad like Periwinkle.

However, on second sight I don’t think so

So any identification would be helpful







Ruby Red

The ruby is a lustrous, deep red stone that has
accrued special and symbolic meaning through time.
Through the ages, the ruby has represented 
nobility, purity, and passion.
From ancient times through the modern day,
rubies have been valued by cultures around the world.






A prerequisite for putting Taji’s food in a kong

was that it would curb the elegant way a labrador eats.

It took her 2-3 feeds before she devised a method

of extracting her food nearly as quickly

as she could eat it, consequently, the kong

now sits unloved and unwanted on our old trampoline.


 London’s St James Park provided

a squirrel for this post.


Last year’s lockdown wedding anniversary dinner

seemed like a banquet to us.   

No cooking and little cleaning up afterwards.


Geelong has a single Giant Sequoia tree

in its Botanic Gardens.


I think we will have a few years to wait for it to attain

the size of its Californian cousins, though.


A wedding bouquet 


Finally, a photo of the equines hanging

on my study wall.

  It does have some family significance

however not sure what at the moment.









Some of Botswana’s…

Cape Ground squirrel…


…enjoying our leftovers.

In St. James Park, London,

lives the Grey Squirrel, which are

North American natives…


…was introduced to the United Kingdom

and now has replaced the native Red Squirrel

throughout most of Great Britain.


A Photo a Week Challenge:   Squirrel