Book Review-Pocketful-of-Dreams

Pocketful of Dreams


Jean Fullerton

(The Brogans of Mafeking Terrace #1)


Pocketful of Dreams, originally published on February 28, 2018 is the my first Jean Fullerton book and also the first of The Brogans of Mafeking Terrace series.

Set in the weeks/months prior to the commencement of the Battle of Britain, central to Pocketful of Dreams is young Mattie (Matilda) Brogan’s life, work and romances.  With the imminent onset of World War 2, Mattie and her family endeavour to keep some normalcy in their lives.  Normalcy for this teenager is work study and handsome young males and when two males fitting this description enter her life she begins to learn some life lessons…the hard way.

Young love, Nazi spies, counterspies and family members with secrets all combine to make this an interesting book and well-crafted book.

Pocketful of Dreams a well-paced book which had me wanting to hear the next chapter, or at least wondering what was going to happen next.  I imagine Pocketful of Dreams gives us a good insight into family life, in London, at the outbreak of World War 2

As usual, when it’s due, I must pay homage to the narrator, in this case Billie Fulford-Brown, a London based actress and voice over artist.  Her narration of Pocketful of Dreams was excellent.

I hope our local library has more of this series available soon.



I think

Pocketful of Dreams

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is a solid


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