Sometimes I think the extended tongue was

not a lucky capture, on my part…

rather than a reflection of her attitude to me

for taking her photo.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Attitude






Melbourne to BelgiumA Melbourne busker attracts a young fan.

Another Melbourne busker.

Finally, I am still not sure if this young harpist

was busking or providing some entertainment

for a tour group visiting Brugge. 

She seemed to set up and was gone

within ten minutes,

which makes me think the music

was for a tour group.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Music




Craigdarroch Castle, in Victoria,

British Columbia is the scene

for this week’s photos.

Viewed from below or above these staircases

looked just as steep.

However, the view over Victoria… 

from the top turret

was well worth the climb.


A Photo a Week Challenge: From-Above





Teenage siblings…

celebrating a birthday.

MGW’s Father had breast cancer in 2008.

Chemotherapy was taking its toll so

as his oldest grandsons/grandchildren presented him

with a wig for his birthday.

For many years we lived in fear of one killing the other.

  Then a switch was thrown and they became civil

with each other.


Not sure of the occasion now, however,

I think The Blues Brothers may

have been the inspiration.

Finally, apologies for the rough Photoshop work.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Siblings