Saint Andrew’s Church.


New Zealand.


A backlit eucalypt in our garden

My favourite backlit image



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Back-Lit








a wheeled vehicle, generally drawn by horse power









Vancouver Island



Anyone who has gone on an organised tour which involves

transport by what many regularly refer to as a’bus’

soon learns the correct terminology for a tour bus,

is coach.


Courtesy of Coach Cam we can ride along with Diana 

on her wedding day.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:..Coach






During our first visit to Africa

I had my camera set on AUTO focus…

…which resulted in more than

one or two with an

unexpected focus.


I certainly did not want an image

of these branches when there

was a shy impala species

on the rock mound.

Similarly I was trying to capture

on-coming vehicles and

not the window frame.



A Photo a Week Challenge:…Unexpected-Focus












Million Dollar View


Banff, Canada.




A view from the

Rocky Mountaineer



Near Maligne Falls

Maligne Canyon


A Photo a Week Challenge:…All-About-Scenery











On more than  one occasion I have mentioned

the Men’s Shed to which I belong. 

This is half the workshop and its contents

have been donated to us.

We also have a separate meeting room.



Our first grandchild is the newest thing

in our lives this year. 

She was born on March 2 

and already has a passport photo. 

We will meet her closer to, or at, Easter.


A Photo a Week Challenge:…A-New-Photo











A faded image of he past brings back

some equally faded memories.

My Grandfather (Bill) on the left died

when I was only 18 months old. 

Next to Bill is Rita. 

Rita’s funeral was the first time I acted as a coffiin bearer.

  I also taught Rita’s Great Grand Daughter

as a Casual relief teacher before we left the farm.

Frank and Jimmy lived in Melbourne and

passed away far earlier than I would have liked. 

Far right is Aunite Eddie who spent most of her married life

in Perth, Western Australia.  

My Grandfather and his brothers and sisters.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Faded











Point Nepean flag pole at the 2014

Commemoration of Firing the First Shot

of World War I,

August 5, 1914,

at 1245 hours.


 Geelong Football Stadium

home of the

Geelong Cats. 

Sadly the art work is no longer.



Technically I believe my Kalahari Scrub Robin

is in the wrong half of the frame.

It should have room to run into.

However to include its shadow

the rule had to be ignored.



Living street art in Melbourne.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Off-Centre











Last September I purchased some budget priced

Ozito tools, one of which was a tool

I had often seen but never owned. 

A nail gun.

It only takes small nails but will be ideal for

a couple of upcoming projects.


Seeing how well my little nail gun worked

I began researching one to hold

bigger/longer nails. 

It was going to be a birthday present

from Me to Me!


A tad extravagant, I thought,

but it was a special birthday,

and it would take hitting shaking fingers

out of the equation.   

So I was both surprised and delighted to find

that MGW had bought one for my birthday.

Yes, a brand new Ryobi nail gun was waiting

for me on my birthday. 

It made nailing the framework for a box/seat

I am making so much easier.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Something-New