A Rope Fence…

…designed to keep tourists off the grass.




An educated guess tells me this fence

is in the vicinity of 40-50 years old.


A temporary fence to contain two young pups

after their trip to the vet. 

Maggie was quite disgusted at being

contained as well.


Street Art


Looking Through-the Gate of Violence

An automatically opening/closing gateway

in Hamilton Gardens

New Zealand



Strainer posts support the fence tension

and often a gate as well.


Menin Gate



The reverse view through

Menin Gate

Gateways like this one lead

to the various gardens in the

Hamilton (New Zealand) Gardens.


A Gateway in the wall/fence

around old York


The Eastern end/Gateway to the

Great Ocean Road



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Gates-and-Fences










It’s not often that we get to see inside a wall

to note the rectangles, lines and triangles

that go towards making a solid building.



Rectangles, triangles, rhombus, parallelograms…

…make the wall of the home of Australian Art.


Arcs and lines of Geelong’s refurbished library.


The wall of one of Geelong’s…


…suburban library’s


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Multiple-Shapes










truculent or uncooperative behaviour.



Camera to my eye…

…Mum and Dad stopped however teenage daughter

was not as polite especially when asked

by her parents, to give me a moment. 

She had attitude.



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Attitude









natural lighting

sunlight indoor photographs

made in natural light.




Two images of my guitar…


…using natural light only

filtered by scrim.



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Natural-Lighting










Some of the best formations…

…can be seen in…


…the limestone which makes up…


…the coastline along

Victoria’s South West Coast

including The Twelve Apostles

and Lochard Gorge.



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Horizontal-Lines









I’m afraid I cannot see a use

for cars like these,

except for parking.





Bullock Dray



Beach goer.

People can become so engrossed

with their devices these days

they are often totally unaware

of their surroundings.




A Photo a Week Challenge:...From-the-Side










For many of us this will be…



…the biggest toy we aspire to.

Others rave on about these toys.


I have spent hour upon hour on one of these toys,

although I considered my old toy to be a workhorse,

rather than a toy,


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Really-Big-Toys