Random weathered images.

Tree bark




Rotted and…



A well…




Perhaps not weathered hands,

however certainly aged hands.

I think the BW version looks more weathered

than the coloured version does.


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Weathered











Before we arrived at this stage…


…there were pegs in the ground…

…sleepers were measured twice…


…cut once…well, mostly that’s how it went.


Still here is only partly complete.

Now that the petunias are past their best

a little more garden loam needs to be added

along with some heavy mulch to stop

dogs rabbits etc from scratching. 

The final task is to replace last year’s flowers. 

Then the back of the bed needs to be completed.


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Preparations










Layers of sandstone forms the…

…coastline line along the

Great Ocean Road.


Layers of a cake.



Layer upon layer of petals creating

a beautiful flower.


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Layers










These circular cacti can be found

in the Geelong Botanical Gardens.



Really haven’t a clue what this is except

that it fits the Circle on Circle brief

better than my cacti image does.


Last but not least

a literal look at

Circles on Circles



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Circles-on-Circles










In 2013, an unexpected…

…last night game drive…

…was the only…

…reason we were able…

…to capture these images of six week old

lion cubs and their mother.

Although there was moisture in the air

the last thing we expected was

to need umbrellas when

under cover, at Pompeii.


Nor did I expect Rome’s

Trevi Fountain to be

tucked away in such a small area…



…or that there would be so many tourists visiting

at the same time as we were.


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Unexpected









When I was fourteen my parents had a few

Hereford cattle on there farm including one paddock

of 25 mixed age cows, one  of which was a poll.

 That is, it had no horns and was bullied by those with horns.

After a chat with a school mate who was a dairy farmer’s son,

I suggested to Dad that we dehorn the cows.

So our first de-horning day came round.

 We left the polled cow out in a holding yard

happily chewing on a bale of hay.

First cow to be de-horned and let back to the holding yard

marched straight up to poll cow and

gave her head a sharp flick to the left.

Poll cow jumps away in self preservation.

De-horned cow tried same manoeuvre several more times

with poll cow preserving self.

Then the penny dropped.

Poll cow realised there were no horns to hurt her.

The tables turned because she had a lifetime advantage

of knowing how to fight without horns.

 Freshly de-horned cow had no idea

of fighting without her weapons.

We watched in amusement for a few minutes

until we realised that the polled cow was going

to make up for a life time of being bullied.

 Polled cow was removed to the paddock

leaving freshly de-horned cows

to recover in the holding yard.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Advantages





On February 11, this year we

were invited to a family wedding.

In February rules had eased somewhat

and around seventy guests were in attendance…


…however, the reception was held at Basil’s Farm

and due to COVID restrictions most of the guests

had to remain outside.



Basil’s Farm is on the Bellarine Peninsula

on the shore of Swan Bay.



The wedding was held on Thursday, with the

happy couple heading to Brisbane on Friday.

I heard they made it with two hours to spare

before Brisbane was sent into lockdown.


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Celebrating (COVID Style)












One could be forgiven for wondering how that will ever fly.


An added blast or three, of heat changes things.



Soon our balloon his open, vertical

and still taking on heat.


With gondola loaded,

a few more puffs of heat up its mouth

and we were airborne over Melbourne.


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Open