Crossed lines…my interpretation.

 The Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


More crossed lines at Geelong’s Yacht Club Marina

than any otter photo, except…

maybe this one from Williamstown Marina

through to the Melbourne skyline.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Crossed-Lines





I’m sure there was a Thanks Dad around

the time this little habit was taking place.

However, it’s more like Thanks Son that

we do not do this anymore.

While  I have gained around 15% in weight

since those days (age and change of lifestyle)

Number 2 son has gained around 1000%.

Amazing what twenty plus years of growth

does for the human body.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Thanks, Dad




My photos for this week’s challenge come from

the gatherings, over fifty years, of my in-laws.

Mother-in-law passed away suddenly

(maybe as a result of a hot spell of weather)

in January and a few months ago

father-in-law decided to sell up and

downsize to a retirement village. 

At the commencement of the cleanup

many things were going to be ‘thrown out’. 

I volunteered to photograph and list them

for sale on local Facebook pages. 

So here is a few of the treasures which came to  light…

most of which I had never seen since

meeting MGW’s family in the mid 80s.

Remington Typewriter.

Sunbeam Mixmaster

Silverware I never knew existed.

 Those who are enlightened will reccognise this

as a cigarette lighter.

I saw it only as a front door stopper.

People were jumping out of trees,

so to speak, to buy this.


A Pentax SLR.  Fantastic.

Eldest granddaughter decided she

might take up film photography.

She may have a free camera however,

I don’t think she is aware of costs

involved in development of prints.


Another treasure.  A cow bell.

Sold in minutes because there is

a bell collector in the area.

Pity a collection of china bells was

thrown out prior to selling phase.


No idea who painted this, however,

if I had a wall AND was single…..

It did find a good home though.

One of my favourite pieces was

this hand painted vase.

It was dated 1978 inside the lid.


Finally, my favourite….

a very good condition Box Brownie,

complete with leather case.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Hidden-Treasures




After sunrise at…

Lekhubu Island in Botswana…

e breakfasted and were soon our way…


heading north-ish along these super highways

of the Kalahari…


 for the Okavango Delta region.


 Every now and again we would stop for a break

to stretch our legs and marvel

at a landscape so different to ours.


This was Africa…

as depicted in many photos and movies…

and we loved it


Then it was back on the road again…

past small  villages  until we reached

a main road (bitumen/black top)

leading to Maun.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Off-the-Beaten-Track




Nancy, I hope you don’t mind me changing

the title of my post this week.

While you are commencing Autumnal

weather we are experiencing just the opposite…

as this morning’s shots of our weeping cherry attest.

Today, Saturday, September 23 is forecast

to reach around 27 degrees Celsius and

we are enjoying it because

the tomorrow’s forecast is for

wintry like conditions and only

a fourteen degree top  temperature.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Signs-of-Fall