A building which definitely fits

the 100 years or older category.

Rome’s Colosseum…

has always fascinated me.

I just wish we could have had more time to explore.


As it was, we had too little time and the body

was happy to walk as little as possible.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Over-100-Years-Old





In a few weeks time (June) this was

a sight I looked forward to…

 as it meant an income for future years.

Some years, though, it was heart breaking

especially if the weather was nasty…cold

and wet…lambs often died before they stood up.

This was also part of my farming life until the 1983 drought.

After that year it was decreed that sheep had bellies

which were much easier to fill than cattle,

especially in a drought year.

Sheep also did less damage to fences

than hungry, or not hungry, cattle did.

Goodbye cattle.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Livestock




Public Transport…

A V/Line Train on its way to Melbourne.

Rounded a corner a few weeks back only to see

this train approaching the bridge.

I just managed a few clicks before it disappeared.


Melbourne Taxis waiting for fares.


Melbourne Taxi.

Melbourne Trams.


Finally, The Q Train. 

The Q Train has a 3 hour round  trip journey

for those wanting a different lunch or dinner venue. 

For us, it was celebrating

our wedding anniversary this year.

If not classified as ‘public transport’ now,

it certainly was public transport.

These carriages are all restored

Queenslander Class railway carriages…

which formed The Sunlander Train, in Queensland.

Passengers could travel from Brisbane to Cairns

between June 1953 and December 2014.

The Spirit of Queensland has now

replaced The Sunlander. (Wikipedia)

The Q Train now operates on a small section

of railway line just out of Geelong.

The Q Train departs from Drysdale Station,

runs to Queenscliff, on the coast,

where the engine turns around

and returns diners to Drysdale.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Public-Transport




This not an orange car.

General Motors experts have deemed that

this is the colour is Fantale.

I think you can still purchase Fantales in shops.

A chocolate wrapped sweet/candy upon

the wrapping is some ‘in-depth’ information

about movie stars.

Or that was the case many decades ago.


And some furniture we sighted

while furniture shopping

with Number 1 Son many years ago.

Our Mock Orange in bloom.

Finally, one of our orange twists.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Orange




We were leaving Geelong last night (Saturday),

commenting on the fog or smoke in the valley beside us.

   I was sure I could smell smoke.

Suddenly, we sighted what appeared

to be a fire in some trees,

although smoke was lacking and visibility poor.

So a fire it was.

A couple of hundred yards on and

it was not  certainly not a fire

just nature saying good night

in a spectacular manner.

By the time I had found somewhere to park and

MGW had readied my phone.

She had forgotten her iPad on her lap!!!!!!!

This was the best we could capture.

I would never have thought of a sunset photo

last night due to the cloud cover.

However, mother nature confused us again and

put on what would have been a great capture.

With only a little over an hour until sunset tonight

I am  going back to see if she serves seconds . 🙂


Three hours after sunset and three hours

before publishing.

Mother Nature wasn’t too bad again this evening.And this was the sight which confused us last night.

Last night more cloud, less sun definition.

This was capture on my Nikon D90,

Lens: Sigma 50-500mm,

also using my UV Filter and

playing with a new Polarizing filter.

Not sure if filters have upset sharpness or,

as I have been told, the anti-shake feature

should not be used when using a tripod.

Cropped, otherwise Straight Out Of Camera.


A Photo a Week Challenge: State-of-Confusion




We ‘met’ Limpy, the lioness in 2013…

Within twelve months Limpy had to

be euthanised due to illness.


We met and walked with Sita in 2012.

We were also saddened to hear of her passing last year.

After living on a farm most of my life I had quite

a few pet dogs, working companions,

which I grew to know and love.

However, there was always that day around the corner

when your favourite mate was no longer there.

No matter how good your dog was,

there was always a youngster in training.

It is simply one of those things known as

the circle of life.


A Photo a Week Challenge: One-of-these-things




At first I thought this was going to

be another hard one. 

All faces not Dad or Daughter have been photo shopped

out and all faces covered for privacy.

My first selection was part of the crowd at Menin Gate.

Is that Dad in the blueish top

and daughter behind him (white top, blue shorts)?

 Then I  found MGW and her siblings many moons before we met

 Two Dads  and to Daughters at a family birthday party.

The night we gained our

first Daughter-in-Law (and her Dad).

Finally, I found this classic at the back of a crowd scene in Arras.

I think the hands on hips say it all.  🙂


A Photo a Week Challenge: Dads-and-Daughters