An old bullock dray


An old fuel pump discovered at the

Old Barwon Paper Mill

There are plenty of spinning wheels when this

combine drill seeder is in action.

These days, however, it has been

converted to outdoor seating

outside a small town cafe.






rest or move on or near the surface
of a liquid without sinking.

Floating Autumn leaves

A float plane has floats where you

would expect to find wheels.











A few years ago we visited the…

…old Barwon Paper Mill…

…which at that time was nothing more than…

…a couple of empty old bluestone buildings.

There were also several pieces of machinery

that may or may not have been associated

with the old mill…

…along with signs that more than one family

relied on the Paper Mill for employment.


A stone crusher motor.

A very solid piece of machinery.


Just had to include this Farm All


This wheel was also included as part

of the mechanical theme.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…Mechanical-Industrial

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:...Mechanical-Industrial

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…Mechanical-Industrial

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:...Mechanical-Industrial

Lens Artist Photo Challenge Anne:…Mechanical-Industrial

Lens Artist Photo Challenge Sofia:…Mechanical-industrial

Lens Artist Photo Challenge Johnbo:…Mechanical-industrial





Black and White Challenge.


The old cement works silos…razed

during our first lockdown in 2020


Old Barwon Paper Mill

Mountainside in the Grampians.

Old Shed

Water Tower from another era.

South African

Wilderbeeste in profile

Weathered church or school

Hand on hip

Olds Mobile

(I think)

A 2013 VF Commodore.

The last model of

General Motors Holden (Australia)

to be manufactured in Australia.









Earlier in the year I had planned…

to be posting, by now,

fresh and new photos from

our third visit to Africa.


However, by the end of March travel

in June was extremely unlikely

and plans were postponed.



Our plan was to visit the

Transfrontier National Park 

in Southern Botswana and South Africa…




…prior to returning to…


…Kruger and Great Kruger National Parks.


At the moment we are not betting

that we will make it in 2021…

…however, we do have

many good memories…


…to keep us going until 2022

if needs be.


A Photo a Week Challenge:   Vacation-Memories




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During my youth…

….I often wondered what

made a petrol pump tick.




Therefore, there was a nostalgic moment

when I discovered this pump stripped

and ready to be admired.

To be honest I am still none the wiser

on how they work, but I do now know

what inside a pump looks like.


A Photo a Week Challenge:   Nostalgic