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Cut To The Bone 


Alex Caan

Cut to the Bone, written by Alex Caan, deals with all things ranging from an apparent abduction, kidnapping, Vlogging (video blogging), social media and how teens or young adults mange to converse happily expose their lives to a faceless online community.

While in pursuit of a hobby which provides a source of income a young girl is abducted.  It is here that we see how vulnerable the young are and how they can groom and be groomed, by a friend, or fan pretending to being someone else in an on-line persona.

The involvement of a multi-national company to financially support vloggers contributes to the plot when the vlogger discovers that sponsors often do not share the same ideals as young bloggers.

As I have often stated the narrator can make or break an audio book.

In this instance I thought Imogen Church injected life into each of the characters in Cut to the Bone, especially the male characters. Doubtless, not everyone will agree with my assessment.


A definite three star read.

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