One Word Photo Challenge-Landscape






On Monday morning I set off on a six hour drive…and this was all I could see

of the surrounding landscape.


Without warning I drove out of the fog into sunlight

and a sea of canola blooms guided me towards…


 my destination…Halls Gap.

Hall’s Gap is a pretty town situated in

the southern end of Australia’s Great Diving Range.

These two shots from a car park show

Halls Gap township surrounded by mountains.

 This end of the Great Dividing Range is known as

the Grampians.

Hall’s Gap is only about an hours drive

from where I spent most of my life.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Landscape



Travel Theme-Decadent




Travel Theme.


By the time we reached Palace of Versailles last year…we were almost used to viewing…

decadent sights such as these.

The general feeling was that…

 it was no wonder that there had been a revolution

when so much was held by so few.

Come to think of it not much different

to the world today!


Where’s My Backpack: Decadent



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk-25


Odd Ball

Week 25, 2017


The thing about travel is I find I compare

what I am doing today with

what I was doing while travelling.

On Monday May 29, two hours into the flight the pilot

announced we were passing over

Alice Springs in Central Australia’s

Northern Territory.

Two hours later he told us we were saying goodbye

to Australia as we passed over Darwin.

Perhaps not ‘Odd’ but certainly unusual photos…for me.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Week-25







Travel Theme-Precious




Travel Theme.


These sights were enough to bring…
a tear to my eye.

Thousands upon thousands of unknown lives lost or missing.

At least they are being well cared for now.


Where’s My Backpack: Precious



Erratic Links

Commencing, today, May 29 nearly all my posts will

be scheduled for a couple of weeks.

I will be travelling and do hope to post something

from my Western Front experiences while in

France and Belgium.

However, that may not be possible.

I will add links to host’s home page and hope for the best.


Travel Theme-Rain




Travel Theme.


Our first wet, but not cold, day was in Venice.

Umbrellas were the order of the morning.

Finding a seat in a sidewalk coffee shop,

which barely kept us dry, was an ideal way to

spend an hour or so lovingly caressing a cup of coffee.

The long coffee break was so we did not have to walk

several hundred yards, in the rain, and back again

to board the ferry for our journey to, and lunch at, Murano.

 Even in steady rain colourful Murano

was well worth the visit.

A convivial afternoon was had by all.

Although ponchos and umbrellas were still clearly

 heading the fashion trend, Mother Nature eased up

a little as we walked back to our ferry and

a ride back to our hotel.


Where’s My Backpack: Rain




Travel Theme-Cream




Travel Theme.


My creamy post for this week was nearly a non-event…

until I remembered our morning tea slice

of Black Forest Cake which probably contained

enough calories to last us several days.

That thought then lead on to our

strawberry and cream morning tea.

Sadly we did not sample these as we were

still feeling the effects of a

larger than normal breakfast.


Where’s My Backpack: Cream