Cee’s Black and White Challenge-In-the-Distance



Some images captured during our

eight-hour wildlife safari into

Mt Denali National Park, June 2018.

We were told this was an Osprey.

My zoom was set at 210 mm

(315mm for a 35 mm equivalent).



  Dall Sheep…the tiny white dots on the mountain.


According to McKinley lodge staff

grizzly bears were wandering to roads by the dozen,

however this was as close as we came to one.




Finally, I think this is Mount Denali.

If not my apologies.

It was a difficult eight hours and I felt

much information did not reach the back of the bus.







Cee’s Black and White Challenge-Unusual-Perspectives



Random shots again this week.

A couple of years ago after swinging wide in our drive

I had cause to photograph my car from this angle.

Plastic vs concrete?

  No prizes for guessing which comes off second best.

Breakfast time in the garden.



My photos invariably end up back in Africa.

I had never seen a tusk so close

prior to our visit to Elephant Whispers.

Nor had I sighted the teeth either.










Road tripping in New Zealand this week…

between Taupo and Tongariro National Park…

which is situated at the south-eastern end of Lake Taupo.

The main thing we enjoyed about our road trip was that we

could go when we wanted to go…


and if there was no traffic about

pause on a bridge for shots like this.







Statues in Hamilton Gardens…

appear to be of a smooth texture,  until…

one takes a closer look.

There are times when I think I am the only person in the world

who would not know where this sign post was a week or two ago. 

I you are the other person, it can be found

on the Hobbit Movie Set near Matamata

on New Zealand’s North Island. 

Texture noted??







Friday, September 21…its our last day of third term.

School’s out for two weeks  

MGW has not been well this week and

will welcome the final bell of the day.

Monday morning and will (hopefully) be

winging our way to New Zealand

for a quiet road trip before our son’s wedding.

Some of the extended family are already

enjoying the sights and experiences

to be found in 


The Land of the Long White Cloud.






Black and White Challenge.


Just a couple of reflections this week.

A Corio Bay seagull dips low on Corio Bay

creating a mirror image reflection.

A still, foggy morning helped create this image on Corio Bay.

I call this Follow Me.

Click to see coloured and edited version….



Cees-BW-Photo-Challenge: Mirror-Images-Reflections






Black and White Challenge.


Although Cee is still on a break

I decided to post a BW this week anyway.

Baobabs don’t grow near water…at least

not the baobabs I have photographed.

However, Photoshop does not know this fun fact.

A bona fide reflection from August 2017.


Cees-BW-Photo-Challenge: Mirror-Images-Reflections






Black and White Challenge.


Signs from… Vancouver Island, this week.

The Church of Our Lord…

if my memory is correct, was in the grounds of

St. Ann’s Academy which was situated

just over the road from our hotel.

 Craigdarroch Castle is worth a visit

for those visiting Victoria BC.

The sign in context.

This sign brought a smile to my face.


And this sign, or signs, fell into

the ‘What a good idea’ category.

I suspect it will be in full bloom by now.

The colour version, I believe,

the sign is easier to see.


Cees-Black-White-Photo-Challenge: Signs






Black and White Challenge.


Beginning my fountain post in Australia, with…Sydney’s, El Alamein Fountain in King’s Cross.

My favourite, so far, fountain is to be found in

Brugge’s Het Zand Square, Belgium.

These two shots are after dark shots

and I thought it truly beautiful.

Trevi Fountain in Rome was crowded,

although we were lucky to see it.

It had been closed for several years for renovations.

I think this hot could be mistaken for a sheet of steel.  However….

it is merely a close up of the water of the

Legislative Assembly Building’s fountain…

in Victoria, Canada.


Cees-Black-White-Photo-Challenge: Fountains