Southern Cross Railway Station,


…Flinders Street Station where you…

meet under the clocks,

are both at the edge of Melbourne’s CBD.

However, at either station one can catch

the City Loop

(our underground – short as it may be),

leave the train at

Melbourne Central Station

and you will save a four block walk

from either station.

Don’t know why I haven’t thought

of that before today..  🙂


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Central




Whetther old, new or abandoned…

…all places of worship, in Victoria…

…have been closed since…

…Monday March 23rd.

On May 15 they were re-opened

for gatherings of up to ten people.


Still anyone’s guess when they will

open for full services.






MY play things are…

Reading…purely for enjoyment.


Keeping up with new technology…again

these days, purely for enjoymnt

and keeping the grey matter active.



And as long as no-one is going to complain

about a few rough edges here and there,

building useful things like dog kennels is fun.

Dear old Maggie was not destined to have

a new kennel until we saw how bad

her kennel looked among the neighbours’.

She was also giving us a

not so subtle hint here I think.


And of course the best is last.   🙂


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge:  My-Play