May be not always on their belly…

…however, being prone…

is a skill learned early in life.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Prone





My first contribution to

Mid Week Monochrome

Red Hot Poker


King Alfred Daffodil



Finally, two version of a…



Purple Daisy.







About two years before our 2013 safari to South Africa

we were told of High Tea at the Bur Al Arab in Dubai.

At the ninth hour our trip to the Serengeti via Dubai

was changed to Kruger National Park

in South Africa.

No Dubai, unless a long detour!

It took us another three years before we had

any hope of being anywhere near Dubai.

We decided to spend a few nights in Dubai,

the Burj Al Arab is well out of our price range,

and the first thing we did was book the

Burj Al Arab High Tea

as one of our outings.

Fast forward to last week,

and MGW had book us High Tea

in  Melbourne as a

Wedding Anniversary outing.

All served on Wedgewood china…

the experience was a little different

to the Burj Al Arab…

however, both experiences

had delicious endings.

And better yet Melbourne provided us with

a teapot of freshly made tea to wash it all down.

THEN, I had to find another notch in my belt.


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Blue…my favourite colour.

Whether it is the blue skies of

Far North Queensland, or…

…flying into the Alaskan wild blue yonder

in our blue plane.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Blue





Two years ago we celebrated our wedding anniversary…

With a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne.

After the event we were  taken to

the Sofitel Hotel for breakfast.

 Prior to our arrival at the Sofitel

we were told to make use of the amenities/bathroom

because it certainly was a room with a view.

 Thank you for the inspiration Patti.



From the Sofitel men’s room,

there was a clear view of Rod Lava Arena…

…which tennis fans will be familiar with.

Also had a clear view of the Evan Walker Bridge…

…which I posted earlier in the week.


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