gather (leftover grain) after a harvest

Every time Taji is let off her chain

she checks out the areas where Candi

may have been eating for leftovers.


Kind-hearted soul she is, she will also,

check Candi’s kennel whether

Candi is in residence or not.







the particular condition that someone
or something is in at a specific time

The state Maggie was in made us certain…

…based on these circumstantial images that…

…that she was guilty of digging in the garden,

or digging somewhere as we never did find

a site that had been interfered with.







travelling from place to place,
in particular, working or based in various places
for relatively short periods.

Working in woolsheds is the exact definition

of a peripatetic lifestyle.

When working locally,

and sleeping in one’s own bed each night

shearers are only in a shed for 2 or 3 weeks.

While working interstate, at bigger sheds the same applies.

The major difference is that accommodation

is provided near the shed, usually.







travel through (an unfamiliar area)
in order to learn about it.

After spending three months in Canada in 1976,

I have often lamented the fact that I did not…

…leave time to visit the Butchart Gardens.

So, when planning our 2018 visit, to Canada…


…we decided to spend a few days in Victoria (BC)

to recover from our 14-hour non-stop flight

across the Pacific…

…but mainly to visit, in our own time,

the Butchart Gardens and any other

attractions Victoria had to offer.

That was one of the best decisions we made.

We were able to wander along the many paths

that comprise the gardens at our own pace…

…exploring at our leisure.







the point in time or space at
which something begins

I’m sure many believe a journey begins as

we board the plane, train,

cruise ship or car.

In our case, we are just over an hour

from Melbourne Airport.

So does our journey begin at the airport,

the moment we begin our drive to

the airport; or did it begin

up to two years earlier,

when we commenced planning

our trip to wherever?







containing bubbles.

A bubbling water fountain


A complimentary drink at the

Dubai’s Burj Al Arab.

I’m sure contained bubbles. 

I am certain that it did contain gold, however.

And while not the easiest to see

this pond most certainly

contains bubbles.







a hollow metal object, typically in the shape
of a deep inverted cup widening at the lip,
that sounds a clear musical note when struck,
especially by means of a clapper inside.

Not noisy bells…

Correa Dusky Bells

Blue Bells