exclamation: hurray

used to express joy or approval.

Fans cheer for joy…

…when their football team

runs onto the ground.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Hurray







a small, slender antelope that typically has curved horns
and a fawn-coloured coat with white underparts,
found in open country in Africa and Asia.

Our first sighting…

…of African animals.




…the rabbits of Africa.

At least that’s what we were told

and have come to believe to be true.

You will always sight an Impala on a game drive.


We were told that kudu burgers

were on the menu one night..

Tasted okay.

Fairly certain these are Springbok members

of the gazelle clan.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Gazelle







(of a person or their mind) be astonished
or baffled when trying to imagine something.

Who would have thought in the 1950s…

…that it would be possible to fly

Melbourne to London with only one stop.

I think Air Canada is flying to Vancouver

from Melbourne non stop.

We flew Brisbane to Vancouver a weeks or so

prior to the Melbourne flight commencing.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Boggle







* a place where a road branches off from another.
* the action or skill of using a lathe.

Following roads/tracks…

…until we come to a turn.

That’s how we…


…navigated our way through the section

of the Kalahari Desert we traversed.

Finally, wood turning.







an establishment which maintains a collection of wild animals,
typically in a park or gardens, for study,
conservation, or display to the public.

A zoo may provide a healthy and

safe haven for wild animals…

…however, no matter how large their enclosure

the animals never look as happy as they do

in their own environment.







the quality of having experience, knowledge,
and good judgement; the quality of being wise.

They say that wisdom comes with age…


Unfortunately with Kelpies it seems wisdom comes

after a belting by the Labrador she has bossed

and bullied for nearly four years.

While this  is an image of two pups ‘playing’

the play turned serious in late October.

Candi was not content with losing the first round.

With utmost stupidity, 20 kg Candi had a second go

at Taji and was basically sat by our 40 kg labrador.

All these Labrador vs Kelpie altercations were

initiated by the smaller dog

and ended by the larger!








It appears that…

  …Geelong and Melbourne have

hit the jackpot this week.


A day or two ago it was smoke

from fires in eastern Victoria.

Monday January 6, at 1000 and

the skies were again smoky.

Still the same at 1700/5 PM.

MGW tells me smoky skies

are forecast for three days.

Only difference is that this smoke

is originating in Tasmania, which

as the crow flies is only

around 300 kilometres

from Geelong.

Bass Strait should keep

these fires in Tasmania.