delaying or delayed beyond the right
or expected time; late.



Sometimes Labradors can be quick out of the blocks.

At least over a short distance.


However, when it comes to being tied up,

even for a short while,

Taji’s steps become smaller and slower

and she has to walk around me

and come in from my right side,

she then adopts one of several woe is me poses

in the hope one of us may be filled

with guilt and let her off again.

Candi,  on the other hand,

runs directly to her kennel and waits.

One of the two is tardy in my view.








Werribee Zoos.



Melbourne Zoo


Melbourne Zoo

Mother and child

Melbourne Zoo

Enjoying the sunshine at

Werribee Open Range Zoo. 

Werribee is located between

Melbourne and Geelong.







“sweeping lawns and landscaped vistas”

*  a long, narrow view as between rows of trees or buildings,
especially one closed by a building or other structure.


The backyard at

Versailles Palace,


Hadn’t thought of this as a vista

until Google suggested it.






This is a usual pose…

…for Taji.

What was unusual about the sight was

that Taji was not in her kennel.

For some reason it is now a usual occurrence

to find Taji in Maggie’s kennel, the middle one,

while she takes her morning nap.






Whether it’s…

…celebrating a 21st birthday, or…

…a 75th birthday,

’tis always a good excuse for a party

especially with a new wig to wear.

About ten years ago Father-in-Law had

been diagnosed  with several types of cancer

during the year with the imagined effect

on his already thinning hair.

Our boys decided a wig was just what

the doctor ordered.

He is still going strong.







a warm bed covering made of padding
enclosed between layers of fabric and kept in place
by lines of stitching, typically applied
in a decorative design.


In a few months time…

…the surrounding countryside will…

…turn into a…

…a green and yellow…

…patchwork quilt…

…as canola crops announce that

Spring has sprung.  🙂







an act of waking from sleep


It could be argued that….

…our bulbs are awakening from

their summer hibernation.

These snowdrops have been up

for a month at least…

…while our new pink daffodils although planted

nearly a month ago have only a

few forward scouts out see

what their new home is like.