…yesterday’s rowdiness…

…there is always a period of peace and quiet…


…to look forward to.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Quiet












noisy and disorderly

Whether very young…

…or a bit older…

…’rowdy’ is often found in our yard.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Rowdy











ostentatiously costly and luxurious.

Whilst in Europe we visited…

…several places similar to Versailles Palace.

Our universal comment was that with

this amount of opulence, it was…

…no wonder there had been a revolution.


Word of the Day Challenge:   Oppulent











fond of or characterized by joking; humorous or playful.

The mood was one of jocularity and thankfulness

about eleven years ago…

…when our boys decided to present their

Grandfather (Father-In-Law)

with a wig for his birthday.

He had been undergoing chemotherapy

and did not have much on top at the time.


Word of the Day Challenge:   Jocular











created personally by a particular artist, writer,
musician, etc.; not a copy.

Like most other bloggers my photos are my originals,

posted as low resolution copies on WoollyMuses.

This zebra, shot in Kruger National Park, South Africa,

was the first of my photos ever to be sold.



And this image of my guitar is

the only one to adorn our walls.


Word of the Day Challenge:   Original











lasting for a very short time

My first ephemeral thoughts turned to rainbows.

They are never the same and

the pot of gold is so elusive.



The cattle may be the pot of gold in this shot.



This rainbow appeared as I was returning to my car.

I had time to grab a camera and take

three or four hand held shots

before this rainbow disappeared.

Barely two minutes in total.


Word of the Day Challenge:   Ephemeral











(of a person, animal, or plant) living, not dead.
alert and active; animated.


While Candi may appear to be full of life while playing fetch.

She only fetches this piece of rope,

although she will chase an apple,

which when caught  is promptly eaten.


However, after five to ten minutes of frenetic activity

she is only too willing to join

the Golden Labrador’s Association

in deep sleep, dead to the world,

until her energy is restored.


Word of the Day Challenge:   Alive