strange and frightening.


A cloud formation I was pleased was…

…in the distance.








with or in proximity to another person or people.

This type of behaviour/togetherness

is no longer permitted.

And Victoria has a force

of 500 police personnel

whose job it is to pay

surprise visits on those who

are in self/home isolation…just

to make sure they are at home.







a notice of a death, especially in a newspaper,
typically including a brief biography
of the deceased person.


Either my Father or his Mother used to recite this to me.

Apologies if it offends any Irish readers,

however, with Ryan’s, O’Donnells and

Gallagher’s on my family tree…. 😊😊


The story goes something like this…

Mick and Paddy were walking home

after an extra long session at their local pub

when they came upon a roadside stone.

Paddy quickly grabbed Mick’s  arm

and quietly uttered the following words.



‘Tread lightly here

for ’tis sacred ground

and nothin’ more 

shall trouble him,

for he was only 22,

and his name was

Miles from Dublin’

Perhaps not quite the obituary required.

However, it was the first thing

which came to mind.








strike or propel forcibly with the foot.

Although here appearance is

gangly and unstable…

…apparently giraffes pack a powerful kick

in all four legs.

Australian Rules Football revolves around

players kicking the ball.

Unlike the round ball game (Soccer) players

are also allowed to handle the ball.