very fine in texture or structure;
of intricate workmanship or quality.
easily broken or damaged; fragile.

I think this was one of several

cup/saucer sets…

…which finished up in an ‘Op Shop’.

Someone either found a bargain

or as often stated, became one of the perks

of volunteering in such an establishment


Word of the Day Challenge:  Delicate












a hole or split in something caused by it
having been pulled apart forcefully.

This hole in the ground,

known as Lochnagar Crater,

was created after British soldiers 

detonated 27,000 tons of explosives

under German lines during

World War I.

The force created a tear in the ground

measuring 220 feet (67 metres) diameter

and 450 feet (137 metres) across

Debris from the explosion rose

about 4,000 feet into the air.


Word of the Day Challenge: Tear











make legitimate or binding by a religious ceremony.

When I was younger the sanctity of marriage

 was only ever celebrated,

as far as I know…

…within the confines of one’s Church.





The first wedding I ever photographed

was celebrated in local gardens,

and a few years back…

…I watched briefly as this couple

exchanged their vows

on a nearby beach.


Word of the Day Challenge: Sanctify










I just drooled when I saw today’s Word of the Day.

Followers will know…

…that I am not short of…


…elephant photos.

Swimming elephants.



Elephants wandering past our accommodation.

Who knows how many passed by during the night.



Thirsty elephants on

The Okavango Delta.


Word of the Day Challenge: Elephant