Black and White Challenge.


These types of picnic tables are scattered

along the coastal regions of Geelong


Pieces of driftwood make handy seating at

Torquay’s Surf Beaches.

Curved seating at Sydney’s


New South Wales


Another version of the first image


Queensland’s Paronella Park provided

its guests with picnic tables and seating

made of stone, concrete and it’s quite possible

that the wood seats were preceded

by concrete slabs


I am reasonably certain that my Grandmother

who then owned our local post office

had a similar bench seat out the front

for locals to sit on while having

a breather and a chat.





-for more than one – benches, couches,




cook (food) by dry heat without direct exposure to a flame,
typically in an oven.

The closest I have to the bake theme is sun bakers


Sun baking on Geelong’s

Eastern Beach


…and, on Manly Beach.

Some were preparing for their

day at the beach with

some sunscreen in order that they

would not bake in the sun.










Bourke Street Mall,



Bourke Street Mall,



Melbourne, Australia, Streetscape.


Age is no barrier to Melbourne’s

buskers and admirers.


Off to Sydney’s

Manly Beach


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…Urban-Environments

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Anne:…Urban-Environments

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…Urban-Environments

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:..Urban-Environments

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Anne:…Urban-Environments

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Sofia:…Urban-Environments







the warmest season of the year,
in the northern hemisphere
from June to August
and in the southern hemisphere
from December to February.







I would really struggle to find any bikini-clad

sun lovers in Victoria this time of year.

However, I as in Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne

I’m sure there would be plenty

soaking up the sun as this group did.

Enjoying summer sun

in Nice,


Here Comes the Bride…

…for her beach wedding at Torquay.

Busy Manly beach


Lion’s eyes.


Lens-Artist PC Patti:…Seeing-Double*

Lens-Artist PC Leya:...Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Amy:…Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Tina:...Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Anne:…Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Sofia:…Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC André:…Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Jez:...Summer-Vibes





Circular light shade.


Rocky Mountaineer train

Curved outdoor seating



Just made for this challenge.

Swirls, curves and circles form

this outdoor seat in rural Victoria.


Circular plant holder.


This ibis has nice curves along its beak and back

Circular Barrel ends.




…and still more curves form Rome’s Colosseum.

Finally, at Geelong’s Eastern Beach,

there is a curve in the water’s edge

which leads to corresponding curves

in the walking path and the tree line.






Bare feet at Manly


The closest I could find

to real sand at Nice.

Sun baking at Manly

Stones at Nice beach

Boots on a soldier statue in Belgium.

another concrete boot… pot plant holder.





the place where one lives permanently,
especially as a member of a family
or household.

No matter where I have been travelling, many

international flights usually touch down

in Sydney first.

Therefore with the sighting of the

Sydney Harbour Bridge comes a feeling of home.

Sighting Melbourne’s skyline and Victorians

know they are home.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Home





While considered fairly modest swimwear

in the 21st Century…

…it is far more revealing than swimwear

of the 1950s and beyond.