possessing great and impressive power or strength,
especially because of size.

This wave appears to be larger than it is.

 Whatever its size I’m certain that

there is more might and power in it

than in other waves.










the mass or line of foam formed by
waves breaking on a seashore or reef.

Making use of good surf


Kite Surfing…


…at Torquay.



Wind Surfing





…one of…





My favourite image from

the Surf.







Black and White Challenge.


These types of picnic tables are scattered

along the coastal regions of Geelong


Pieces of driftwood make handy seating at

Torquay’s Surf Beaches.

Curved seating at Sydney’s


New South Wales


Another version of the first image


Queensland’s Paronella Park provided

its guests with picnic tables and seating

made of stone, concrete and it’s quite possible

that the wood seats were preceded

by concrete slabs


I am reasonably certain that my Grandmother

who then owned our local post office

had a similar bench seat out the front

for locals to sit on while having

a breather and a chat.





-for more than one – benches, couches,





the action of staying where one is or delaying action
until a particular time or event.

Waiting for a wave.


Our pets are always waiting expectantly for a snack.

Our Vet waits a moment before he tells us

they need to lose weight.








*  (of fabric) filled with air and swelling outwards.
* (of smoke, cloud, or steam) moving or flowing
outwards with an undulating motion.

An open-air wedding may be different but,

it is also subject to the elements of the minute.


The table cloth and the Bride’s and bridesmaid’s dresses

were billowing slightly as the breeze gusted.








the phenomena of the physical world collectively,
including plants, animals, the landscape,
and other features and products of the earth,
as opposed to humans or human creations.

Torquay surf.


…seas at Torquay.

Near Torquay, I captured this wave as it broke

making it appear larger than it actually was.

This scarred African landscape depicts other Victoria Falls sites

created as the Zambezi River eroded away the rock face

of previous fall sites.


The Devil’s Cataract, in the foreground, and on

the Zimbabwean side of the Falls is said to be

where the current falls are beginning to erode

the rock face thereby creating a new Victoria Falls.

At 7cm per year, we will be visiting the current site

for many more years.


Mother nature appears to be holding the sun,

not wanting it to rise from the water.

A spectacular rural sunset.





Black and White Challenge.


moving water

a waterway which has a flow of water which
can be measured in cubic feet per second.

Gibson Steps Beach

Great Ocean Road


Torquay surf


Rough Seas Torquay


Huka Falls


New Zealand









I would really struggle to find any bikini-clad

sun lovers in Victoria this time of year.

However, I as in Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne

I’m sure there would be plenty

soaking up the sun as this group did.

Enjoying summer sun

in Nice,


Here Comes the Bride…

…for her beach wedding at Torquay.

Busy Manly beach


Lion’s eyes.


Lens-Artist PC Patti:…Seeing-Double*

Lens-Artist PC Leya:...Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Amy:…Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Tina:...Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Anne:…Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Sofia:…Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC André:…Summer-Vibes

Lens-Artist PC Jez:...Summer-Vibes