This is page is devoted to recording when milestones occurred in the life of WoollyMuses blog.



Last Monday night (Oct 16,2017)

WoollyMuses blog

clicked over 20,000 views for the year (to date).

I have seen other blog stats which have

attained this milestone in a matter of months

since first being published, however,

this is a first for WoollyMuses.

This morning, Saturday, October 21, 2017

It was also nice to see that WoollyMuses

has received 72,952 WordPress hits

since its inception in April 2013.






On Sunday March 16, WoollyMuses was awarded,

by br4ceyourself,

The Lighthouse Award



A bit of self promotion…

At 1600, January 4th, 2014


has received just over

10,000 (10,004)

Word Press


since its inception in early

April 2013.

Many thanks to all my followers


to all those who may pop in from time to time.


On Saturday, December 7th,  Cee’s Photography granted WoollyMuses the

Most Influential Blogger Award


Although I thanked Cee via email last weekend, I have taken a while to publicly thank Cee.  So I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cee once again for conferring this award on my blog.  It was totally unexpected.

Read more here:


Wednesday, September 4th, 2013…2200hrs.

Thank you to all bloggers who have visited and viewed

WoollyMuses blog.

 I have just checked the WordPress statistics page and discovered that

WoollyMuses has just had view number 5,000

in the past few minutes.


Thursday, August, 22, 2013.

It was very pleasing to find a Word Press notification today advising me that WoollyMuses topped 200 followers overnight.

200 Follows

Many thanks to all who follow and also to bloggers who

continue to visit and read WoollyMuses.


Sunday, August 04, 2013.
Most Likes in One Day

On Sunday August 4, at 2230 WoollyMuses surpassed its previous record of most likes in one day ( 80 ) for posts on WoollyMuses.


Saturday, 03-08-2013

Today, Utesmile passed on the

 Wonderful Team Member Readership

Award  to WoollyMuses blog.

I cannot thank Utesmile enough for passing on this award to



It will be added to my blog with pride.

Again, grateful thanks to Utesmile



July ended with WoollyMuses receiving 1489 WordPress page views for the month…..649 more views than June.

Many thanks to all followers and visitors to WoollyMuses blog.



Around 1100 on Sunday morning, WoollyMuses received its 1000th page view for the month.

For a young(ish) blog this reporter thinks that is not a bad effort.

Many thanks to all followers and visitors to WM blog.



Although it seems an odd number to recognise,
at 2130 on Bastille Day,
WoollyMuses blog passed the
1,337 ‘likes’ milestone.


Merci Beaucoup to all bloggers who have

followed and viewed my posts.




At 0830 this morning WoollyMuses blog passed the
1,000 ‘likes’ milestone.


Again, thank you to all bloggers who take an interest



Thank you to all bloggers who have followed WoollyMuses blog

since it began nearly twelve weeks ago.


Last night I received notification, from WordPress, that

WoollyMuses now has over 100 followers.


At 2300, on June, 9, 2013, I received notification that WoollyMuses had received 500 likes since its first post on April 2, 2013.

Many thanks to all who have assisted in achieving this milestone by liking my posts.


As others have said it surprises me that so many have taken an interest in my blog.  Again, thank you….and roll on the next 500!!!


June, 05, 2013 clumsyfool nominated WoollyMuses for the following three awards.

All these awards are appreciated, but certainly not expected. Again, thank you


“I hereby nominate you for the ‘Best moment Award’, because I find your pictures very intense (I can’t think of a different word), they capture you in that moment, that’s the best way I can describe it.”

Interesting blog

“I also nominate you for the ‘Interesting Blog Award’. That’s self-explainatory. Especially your animal pictures fascinate me.”

image“And finally I nominate you for the ‘Inspiring Blog Award’, because for some reason, every time I look at your pictures, I get new ideas for my own, I really think about them. I don’t know whether you’d call that inspiring, but for me it is.”



Being the first award passed onto Woolly Muses, May, 29, 2013, by TheSeeker57 the Fantabulous blog award will always be one of my most memorable.  Thank you TheSeeker57 and TheMotherofNine9 who, I believe, created the award.


13 thoughts on “Milestones

    • Thank you Kitty for nominating WoollyMuses for the Real Neat Blog Award. I have answered your questions but will go no further. If you wish to nominate someone who will pass it on feel free to withdraw my nomination…I will completely understand.

      1. Where do most visits to your blog come from?
      United States…by far.

      2. What is your favourite sport?
      Australian Rules Football

      3. What has been a special moment for you in 2015?
      Our youngest came to us for advice.

      4. What is your favourite quote?
      Most people these days are asking what their country can do for them….not what they can do for their country. So I guess the great JFK is the source of my favourite quote.

      5. What was your favourite class when still at school?
      French and Physics

      6. Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?
      That I wasn’t do thick that I could not pass a university course. Has been the best thing I ever did…university.

      7. What musical instrument have you tried to play?
      Mandolin and guitar…many, many, many, many years ago.


    • Have to be honest Jackie, at the time it was the only way I could think of displaying the awards. I did not know how to display them on my home page. But I do like them on ‘their’ page. Thank you for the comment.


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