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Jack of Diamonds 


Bryce Courtenay

Most people start at the very beginning.  Alas, I am not most people and my first Bryce Courtenay novel to be reviewed is also his last.  As far as I know.  I finished listening to the audio version a while ago now; on March, 24, 2014, to be precise.  I completed my review, which follows, the same day.

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I finished listening to the Jack of Diamonds today and was sad to see that I had reached the end of the story.  It was the best book I have listened to for some time.  I stress ‘listen’ as the narrator’s accents, Canadian, Italian, American, South African, German and Australian were, in my opinion, perfect.

Was the story line plausible?  Possibly.

Was it a good read/listen?  Definitely.

A five star, favourite book does not come along very often.

Does it have a Mature Adult rating?  Definitely.

However, language which befits the setting, plot and characters.

You have been warned.

It may not read as well as it sounded as an audio book.  I loved it.  Just a pity there will not be any more.

Spanning the Great Depression, World War II, follow by ties to the Las Vegas Mafia and a romance in South Africa all are combined as only Bryce Courtenay could, to weave a wonderful story.

If you have not read Jack of Diamonds it must be added to you list.

A definite five star favourite.

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