The Chain


Adrian McKinty



Adrian McKinty’s The Chain was my introduction to this author thanks to a Goodreads friend.  And what a read it was!

Imagine arriving home one night to find your 12 year old child is not home as he/she should be.  To no avail friends and neighbour’s are called as panic begins to set in and is exacerbated by a ransom call which not only demands money, but also to conduct a kidnapping of your own.  Any form of law enforcement involvement will certainly be a death warrant for your child and perhaps family members.  However as in all good stories there is always someone willing to break The Chain, or die trying.

The Chain is a fast paced novel which captured my interest on page one and held it until the final word.  The Chain is a story of intrigue and mystery with several unforeseen twists.  The Chain is the kind of book which would make one frightened to let their child walk anywhere by themselves.

I think The Chain is worthy of a star rating.

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The Chain

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The Chain 

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