Crusoe’s Daughter


Jane Gardam

Recently, I chose to listen to Crusoe’s Daughter by Jane Gardam.  What a mistake!   After about ten minutes I was beginning to think of giving it the old heave-ho!  I persisted as my destination neared.  Tried again on the way home; even skipped half a track.  Good bye!

Crusoe’s Daughter began with a six year old telling a story from her point of view, describing her life, aunts, uncles, and anything else.  Really wasn’t listening after five minutes.

I often say narrators can make or break a book.  This narrator did not help, although it could be said that she did a wonderful job of mimicking a six year old girl’s voice.  It was after skipping the latter half of the first track and it the chapter commenced with, ‘When I was twelve….’, or words to that effect, that I rated it a one star book and pulled over to find another.

My final comment, after seeing so many three, four and five star ratings by other Goodreads readers, is that I have just completed a book which I rated as a favourite.

A favourite book is a hard act to follow.

That said I think I will steer clear of Jane Gardam books and this narrator in future.