One Word Photo Challenge-Lock






An old lock on a church  door.


Always thought padlocks were secure,

until I had to cut one with a hacksaw.

Took all of fifteen seconds to cut through.


A lone love lock on Sydney Harbour Bridge.


but these are on…

on the Makartsteg bridge over

the Salzach River, in Salzburg.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Lock





Jo’s Monday Walk


Salzburg – 2

A Few shots from our walk around Salzburg.
This sign announcing Salzburg University

looked like a work of art.

And the dates, like this, on buildings are

never seen in Australia.

1360…over four hundred years

before Australia was settled.


Craftmanship of this door.

Love the workmanship in all the fountains…

although this horse does look like it is pain.

By the time we sighted these blokes my feet

were voting to hire one of them.



Jo’s Monday Walk

Weekly Photo Challenge-Wanderlust



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some previously unpublished photos

from some of the cities we visited

during our travels last September.
Brugges or is it Bruge?

I m never sure and would love to hear/see

how locals spell the name.

No visit to Amsterdam would be complete

without visiting a diamond cutting factory.

Rhineland-Black Forest region.





Finally, Venice.





Jo’s Monday Walk2017-Wk-14


Leaving Lucerne we journeyed on to Salzburg.

The Salzburg Bridge which is…

covered with locks was one of the first attraction

we were guided to during our walk.

There is a similar (roughly) pedestrian bridge in Melbourne,

where the locks are being removed for safety (weight) reasons.

Across the bridge is a hotel the likes of which

I have not seen in Australia.

Then on to some o the narrow lane ways and streets

where all merchants have nice signs or symbols

of their trade hanging outside their premises.

  Although language was proving a bit of a barrier

one of these signs appears to be the same

all over the world.



Jo’s Monday Walk

Floral Friday17-0303-Mirabell-Gardens-2


Floral Friday Challenge.


Back to the Mirabell Gardens this week.

Mirabell Gardens and Mirabell Palace was the…

where Maria and the Von Trap children sing


in the Sound of Music movie.

An over sight last week.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Black and White Tuesday17-0110_Salzburg


Black and White Tuesday

 January 10, 2017


A bridge over the Salach River,

in Salzburg, Austria.


 A modern pedestrian bridge known as the Makartsteg…


It attracts lovers, locks and…



Last year Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) City Council

removed all the locks from a similar bridge

over the Yarra River.

The reason being that the weight of the locks

was posing a safety hazard.

I wonder how often this one is cleared?



Hope you enjoyed.