a sudden accident or a natural catastrophe
that causes great damage or loss of life

It’s a good thing that I picked up my camera

and captured an image of this scene

as soon as we had completed the task.


Within 24 hours this was what greeted us.

We are certain that two teenage dogs

caused the disaster, however without proof

we could not charge them with

reckless running, could we?

The worst outcome was that we

could not purchase another Miss Saigon

the same as the broken one.

Probably just as well!  🙂






the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something,
especially something abstract,
which determines its character.

Although they will defend themselves if severely provoked

Generally speaking, labradors are a gentle and

family-friendly breed of dog.

Without that quality, we would not have

owned three over the past thirty-five years.






a group of similar things or people positioned
or occurring closely together

Although our cherry tree produced large clusters of flowers

when it bloomed in October 2021, when it came

to harvest, cherries were in short supply.






either of the two points at the
most northern and most southern
ends of the earth,
around which the earth turns:

We were only 63 miles inside the Arctic Circle,

however, it was the closest we had ever been

to the North Pole, or either of

the earth’s Polar caps for that matter.






a colourless volatile flammable liquid which is produced
by the natural fermentation of sugars and
is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, spirits,
and other drinks, and is also used as an industrial solvent and as fuel

Owned by Coca-Cola

Lemon and Paeroa

is NOT an alcoholic beverage

as I first thought.






a period of time equal to sixty seconds
or a sixtieth of an hour.

There are 60 marks around his clock

which represent seconds or minutes.

If there was a second hand it would make

one revolution in 60 seconds or ONE minute.

The minute hand (roughly pointing at eleven)

would move to the next mark

at which it would be 3 minutes to ONE o’clock

(the hour hand).






a primitive sedentary aquatic invertebrate
with a soft porous body that is typically supported
by a framework of fibres or calcareous or glassy spicules.
Sponges draw in a current of water to extract
nutrients and oxygen.

After seeing some Google photos of sea sponges…

…I’m beginning to wonder if

the semi-circular(ish) object (top centre)

maybe a sponge and not coral

as previously thought.

Great Barrier Reef


Far North Queensland





engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation
rather than a serious or practical purpose.

As long as someone tosses…

…her rope around the backyard…

…Candi will play the game.

However, games become shorter…

…as the temperature rises.


FOWord Challenge:…Play