try hard to do or achieve something
Apologies for reposting these images again, however…


…at the time we had no idea that

Taji’s endeavours would come

to fruition so quickly.






put (something) in a prominent place
in order that it may readily be seen.
In 2018 I was asked to participate in a local Arts Trail


Some of my photos were put on display at a

nearby hall for the weekend

along with many other participants…


….most of whom were artists like this one.


It was a great social weekend, however,

the following year funding was pulled

and all participants had to supply

their own studio to display their

works of art…and we all know

what happened in 2020…






the action of one object coming forcibly
into contact with another.

I think that the impact of a plane and the earth

would ensure that there were only scraps

of metal to be found.

We were told that the impact of a tree fall,

a few years earlier, caused what was left

of the Misery Creek Bridge

to finally collapse.






disappear suddenly and completely.

The Kalahari Scrub-Robin was putting on a show,

so I decided to capture some of it.

After careful focussing, I pushed the shutter.

When I inspected the photo a shadow and legs

was all I had captured