not according with truth or fact; incorrect.

I know I have posted this image many time

…however, it fits in again.

All the bluster which Maggie had and Taji has

is just that……bluster and false front.

Maggie was the same age as Taji is now.

Taji loves to tell walkers and anyone else she is the boss.

However, her unsuspecting target only

has to stand up to her and she backs down quickly,

and departs with a much quieter ‘woof‘ over her shoulder.






officially allow (someone) to do something.

Labradors do not permit interlopers

on our property…

…without alerting us or

hunting said interloper.






exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed,
either physically or emotionally.

These days I feel

quite vulnerable…

…when I see 40 kilograms of Labrador careering

across that yard towards me.

Probably the main reason being is that

she will not feel the collision.





(of a building or other area)
provide lodging or sufficient space for.

In Bateman’s Bay and Mallacoota…

…it would be a miracle if you were sleeping

in your own accommodation tonight.

if you are interested, click the links below

to see how much of

England                and               Europe

would have been burned by this summer’s fires.

These maps were created two days ago.