Perched high upon a hill on Geelong’s western boundary

the Geelong Cement works were the first thing

we could see of Geelong.


In 2017 the Cement Works silos were

decorated by Rone, a local artist of note,

with the images representing

the Past, Present and Future


In April 2020, sadly,

the site was razed.










Black and White Challenge.


The old cement works silos…razed

during our first lockdown in 2020


Old Barwon Paper Mill

Mountainside in the Grampians.

Old Shed

Water Tower from another era.

South African

Wilderbeeste in profile

Weathered church or school

Hand on hip

Olds Mobile

(I think)

A 2013 VF Commodore.

The last model of

General Motors Holden (Australia)

to be manufactured in Australia.










the expression or application of human creative skill
and imagination, typically in a visual form such as
painting or sculpture, producing works to
be appreciated primarily for their beauty
or emotional power.

I think I like street art because

it is on a grand scale.


What was I saying about a grand scale? 

Unfortunately, the Geelong Cement Works

met its maker in April 2020,

along with its art.


The outside of a toilet block in Geelong


Some of Geelong’s…


…Laneway Art.

A small country town (Corindhap) about halfway

to Ballarat, turned an aging pine tree

Avenue of Honour into

an Avenue of Honour of Statues.

And I have been told on several occasions…


…that there is no skill in photography.

I beg to differ! 

However, I believe art is

in the eye of the beholder.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Art








Black and White Challenge.


Cement Structures…

Thanks to COVID Melbourne’s MCG,

the home of Australia Rules Football,

has had a fairly quiet couple of years.

Geelong’s old Cement Works before…

…it became a canvas for some very public art.

Sadly, all was destroyed in the name

of progress in April 2020.

The subjects all had a spectacular view of

one of several concrete bridges

along Geelong’s Ring Road.









I thought I would get in early and break

one of the rules…over and done with, etc  -)

This was Rone’s contribution to Geelong’s Public Art

on the Geelong Cement Works.


Situated high above the surrounding western landscape,

it overlooked the earth works which formed

part of the cement works site.

The bridge is part of the Geelong Ring Road;

a freeway which by-passes Geelong altogether.

The Cement Works was easily visible to all

approaching Geelong from

Western Victoria.

Sadly the cement works site was razed

during April lockdown in 2020

This art put Geelong on the Silo Trail map

along with many other rural communities

which have had their silos decorated by

Rone and, maybe, other artists.



Geelong Cement Works Art

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