a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic,
or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.

The word ‘museum’ conjures up memories of

my visit to the Steiglitz Court House museum.

No longer are the naughty put on display

and punished for their crimes.

Today, all that is on display

are memories of yesteryear.


All trinkets and tools have been superseded

by their modern cousins…

…even this wooden water mains has been well

and truly surpassed by more

modern material.










having no real value or use.

Many, if not all, of these items would…

…have been useful and valuable in ttheir day; however,

today they would considered useless and worthless.





gone by in time and no longer existing.

Any museum provides a sneak peak

back in time…

…at things used during that period.

A telephone box is almost a thing of the past.

I did find his one in London and

another in Arras France.

This mode of transport is from bygone times now used

mainly by tourists or on special ocassions.






an unusual or interesting object or fact.

The Steiglitz Courthouse Museum contains

an array of curiosities from other eras.


This wooden water pipe piqued my curiosity.


It was operational until it was replaced

by steel around 1960

I have never heard of, or seen,

wooden water pipe,

until this one.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Curiosities






tending or too ready to take legal action
to settle disputes.

Steiglitz Courthouse opened in 1856 during the Gold Rush.


All local litigious matters would have been dealt with

in this building until it closed in 1966.





man-made items

manufactured, created, or constructed

by human beings specifically:

synthetic man-made fibres

An Australian-made EK Holden

 Station Wagon (1961-1962)


A Horse collar


Wooden water pipe


A selection of man-made items from

the Steiglitz Court House Museum.

I believe most items originated from

the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s.






an impressive display or range
of a particular type of thing

The nearby Old Courthouse at Steiglitz…

…has an array of tools and knick-knacks

from the gold rush era on display.