All the times…

…during my youth when I sang the song,

I never believed they were white.

How wrong was I?

This was the beginning of our European adventure…

…as we left the

White Cliffs of Dover



Water-Water-Everywhere:   #45






** a rose-shaped decoration, typically made of ribbon, worn by supporters of a sports team or political party
or awarded as a prize.
**an object or arrangement resembling a rose.

I don’t have one picture which comes

under the ‘rosette’ category as in

the first interpretation of the word.

However, if one uses imagination…



…these stained glass windows…


may fit the second interpretation of ‘object’.




Rose Window

in York Minster.



I only have exterior images of

York Minster’s

Rose Window.



However, these last two from

Notre Dame de Paris…

…both fit the Rose Window category

and hopefully look a bit rosette-ish,

as well.








group of people, especially traders or pilgrims,
travelling together across a desert
in Asia or North Africa.

Many different groups of people

travelling the same route

…visiting the same places and although

previously strangers, many friendships were made

during their time on the road together.







Three parts of a story.




Flags at

Beaumont Hammel,


Three colours in the French flag.

Safety in numbers.


One Word Sunday Challenge:  Three




My task,  labour of love, this week

has been to complete

the edging around our ‘orchard’.

There is supposed to be nearly

an inch of rain tomorrow (Saturday)

and I am  hoping to complete this side

with mulch and garden loam prior to then.

The mind is willing however,

the body is not holding up that well.


Now that the holes have been dug

into fairly hard, dry earth it should

only take an hour or so to affix

the sleepers to their supports.

However, this afternoon will be dedicated

to laying mulch and loaming

the front, or left side of this image.

Afterall it is Friday and there is

always next week.  ;-D


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Patterns everywhere…

…in rope…

…in brickwork…


…and in windows.

While at Skagway, Alaska I noticed this fence

and drew a comment or two from

incoming tourists questioning my logic

in photographing a fence.

Little did they know how useful

it would be… 🙂