Black and White Challenge:



The private sections of the Nice beach front were…

marked by areas of umbrellas.

On the outside, looking into

St Peter’s Square at the

Vatican City in Rome.


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Weekly Photo Challenge-Dense



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



When we visited the Trevi Fountain…
I did not expect the crowd to be as dense as it was.

t was impossible to gain a viewing spot in

the top right of this shot…in front of the fountain.

Likewise I have never seen streets as

densely packed with tourists, presumably,

as in some of the streets of Rome.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Bottom-Underneath


My contribution for this week’s

Bottom or Underneath

Thank goodness this week has arrived.

I accidentally prepared this post in January

and have been checking each week…to see if I could post it.


Bottom and underneath photos from…


in and around the Vatican City.


No photos in the Sistine Chapel but our guide helped out a little

with a close up of one of Michelangelo’s most famous panels.



Not in the Sistine Chapel but still part of the Vatican Museum.


Surrounded by ornate works of art.

vatican_0472This panel, on its own its spectacular, but…


look at what surrounds it.


And another ceiling shot.

Exposure time varied down to 1/13,

with a hand-held camera.

Quality may not be ‘up there’ but certainly

a great reminder of our travels.








Black and White Challenge:



One of our stops in Rome was at the Pantheon.

The circular part of the Pantheon has…

a domed roof with a circular hole in the middle.

The circle in the roof is called the Oculus.  

To capture this photo one has to stand like

the person in the white shirt in the next image.  

Nearly over balancing backwards.

 It was thought that the Oculus was designed so that rain could not enter.

However, this is not rue and the floor is roped off

in a rough circle where rain does fall.

However, rain entering the Pantheon is swiftly removed

via a 2,000 year old drainage system under the floor.


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Travel Theme-Paths




Travel Theme.


Each day thousands of visitors walk the same path…

 as we did, to reach the Colosseum.

Nearly two thousand years ago

Romans were walking these steps.

I wonder will any of our sporting venues

will last as long…even as a ruin.


I kept this one till last as it was emphasized, by our guide,

that this stone paving was originally set in place

when the Colosseum was built, nearly two thousand years ago.


Where’s My Backpack: Paths








While in Rome we visited the

Vatican City’s, Sistine Chapel

and environs.


We were entralled by the detail in all the art work…


 before we ventured indoors.


Although we could not take photos

inside the Sistine Chapel

there were other areas where the ceilings

left us with an aching neck…and speechless.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Details


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Good-Bad


My contribution for this week’s

Good and Bad


Upon arriving in Rome the first thing we

did was go on a walking tour.


down bustling CROWDED streets.


For some reason I had a totally different concept of

the Trevi Fountain, and it took some time

before the Wow! hit me :-).


A fascinating piece of work, and…


a place to spend lots of time.


If only all those tourists…

trevi_fountain_0199awould go to the Colosseum.

Anywhere to leave some room for us. 🙂