Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-42-2310


Odd Ball

Week 42, 2016


I saw this sign in York a few weeks ago…


and couldn’t help but wonder if it was a reference

to an election somewhere…………………. 😮


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-42







Black and White Tuesday16-1810


Black and White Tuesday

 October 18, 2016


While travelling across the English Channel

in early September a conversation began

with an American couple.


After a while they produced photos taken from

the London Eye just after dark.


Upon our return, we had one night in London,

about a two minute walk from the Eye

and decided we would try it out.


We should have been about twenty minutes earlier for photography.

However it was the quickest thirty minutes ride

I have ever experienced…and well worth it.

My colour version soon.



Hope you enjoyed.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Yellows-2


My contribution for this week’s



My second attempt and this time in the correct week 🙂


Taken September 2015 this is a regular sight in

Canola growing paddocks in early Spring.



Daisies or single dahlias…I’m not sure

~~~~dahlias_0128Definitely dahlias and growing alongside the previous image in

St James Park, London, early September 2016.


Travel Theme-Enlightened




Travel Theme.


I struggled to find an image to suit this week’s challenge,

and have chosen images which reflect

an unenlightened world.


In bygone years the Rack and Scavengers Daughter

were forms of punishment used in the

Tower of London…and elsewhere no doubt.


The Rack stretched while

Scavenger’s Daughter crushed

as can be seen in this image.

Thankfully times have changed…

or maybe the torture is different!



Where’s My Backpack:Enlightened