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A few years back we went to Cairns (Queensland) for a holiday.


The Daintree River and Rain Forest was about

an hours drive where we took the obligatory

Daintree River Cruise.


I must confess to being a little disappointed in the Daintree area.

I was expecting huge rain forest trees growing down to

the water’s edge as do the river Red Gums in Victoria.


 And I certainly did not expect cleared farming land to be within sight.

Maybe we did no go into the heart of the Daintree,

however, when one is at Daintree village and

on the Daintree River….


 There were, however, a few strategically placed

‘do not swim’

signs posted along the course of our cruise.


This is what I call a forest.

Taken near Forrest in South West Victoria’s

temperate rainforests, near the Otway Ranges,

this drive through these trees is one of my favourites.

And only about an hour or so from Geelong.


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Black and White Challenge:



Steps from everywhere….

Curving steps into Geelong Botanic Gardens.



These steps are undercover at

Mount Sheba Lodge in South Africa,

but there is only a series of columns

along the left side of the walk way.



Negotiating these steps after a night on the town

would have proved hazardous

in Old Sydney town, me thinks!


A long descent/ascent to and from the Queenscliff beach.


Give Coke a plug time.

These steps lead into the shopping centre

above the Southern Cross Railway Station complex.

Coke must have run out of money.

The advertising is no longer there as of last weekend.grand-steps_5550

Finally, The Grand Staircase at Paronella Park in Queensland.

Paronella Park was built by Jose Paronella nearly 100 years ago,

and was used for R&R by

Australian and American soldiers during World War II.

 The story we were told was that Jose charged American soldiers one

shilling (about AUD$0.10 cents) for the use of a towel

if they had a swim.

However, the Aussie soldiers were given one free of charge. 😀

The Grand Staircase was built so that river sand could be

carried up to make concrete and construct the rest of the Park.

The plaques indicated flood levels.

The lowest is 1996, the next 1967 and 1934

The highest one is unreadable.



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Black and White Challenge:



The eastern end of the Great Ocean Road…gor_1195

which stretches along

Victoria’s South West Coast to

The Twelve Apostles at Port Campbell.


 Moving inland and this road runs through the

Mt. Mercer Wind Farm…just out of Ballarat.


 Back in Geelong we have the

Southern (Geelong) end of

the Midland Highway…

also known locally as

Ballarat Road.


 Further north, a Sydney road

near the Harbour Bridge.


Further north again,

this railroad line runs

from Cairns to Kuranda.


The return journey can be made via cable car

over views like this.


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Cee’s Black and White Challenge:


A variety of water photos this week.


African waterhole

sea_0471Bass Strait at Warrnambool, South West, Victoria.

giraffe_N1079Quenching the thirst.

water_0913Balyang Sanctuary, Geelong.

water-ellie_0150Watching elephants come into drink

only 25 metres from us

was worth the trip to Africa (Botswana) on its own.

corio-bay_0012Seagull on Corio Bay, Friday morning.


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Weekly Photo Challenge-Descent


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



 A few years ago, while Cairns, we decided to…skyrail_4688

take a trip  on the Skyrail, to Kuranda village on the Cairns’ Tablelands.

The day began with a rail journey up a mountainside…

past waterfalls in a rush to…


skyrail_4684to descend to the sea.

On and on we ascended the tablelands…

a rearward glance reveals one’s ascent is the opposite of a descent.

A pleasant few hours in Kuranda village and it was time to return to Cairns.


skyrail_4769Our journey down from the tablelands also required some ascents…

and far below us the train was making another ascent….or was it a descent?
Up and over and…

skyrail_4790down we went, slowly descending…
passing over roads and vehicles descending in another manner…

until at last the end was in sight.

And so ends the descent and our Skyrail outing to Kuranda.

Well worth a visit should you be in the Cairns area.





A-Z Challenge-L-L-L


My contribution this week.



Leo from Cairns.



A life buoy from….



Street light.



A foggy day needs a street light to show the way.




by frizztext


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Sea


I have very mixed feelings when it comes to the sea.  I love to watch it on a wild, cold, rough, day.

I do not like swimming in the ocean because of the salt and sand which takes forever to get rid of.  Particularly out of the car!!!

Don’t have any photos of waves pounding the shore on a wild day.  Unfortunately I do not have any photos of the sea at its best….wild, woolly, rough and cold.

All I have are some random photos taken during the year and while on holidays.



 This vessel was in Geelong’s Corio Bay, a few weeks ago.



I never did like snorkelling.  I think it would be an easy way to drown.  My experience on the Barrier Reef did nothing to enhance my feelings in this respect.


Sea Gull1

And where ever there is an ocean you will find an Oscar and Zelma.  No.  There is no rhyme or reason for giving the gulls names, except that I am feeling a tad weary after the weekend and usually when weary, silly things like this occur.  Oscar and Zelma popped into my mind and were not going to be replaced….by any other name.  I have since conferred with my son about these names.  He suggested changing Oscar to Wilfred.



While susceptible to cyclones the sea could not have been calmer along the Far North Queensland coast on this day.



Photos of the sea would not be complete without one from my favourite part of Victoria.  The Twelve Apostles is one of the State’s biggest tourist attractions these days.  If you ever do visit, the little dot in the sky will gladly take you for a joy flight if you have the inclination….and some hard-earned dollars.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea (