In 79 AD on August 24 & 25, although

new evidence suggests the date may have been October 24,

the eruption of Mount Vesuvius

buried the city of Pompeii.


It was a fascinating, although wet, 2016 visit.

Maybe because I wanted to be an archeologist

in my very younger days.


Word of the Day Challenge: Eruption




Italy provides me with my contribution this week.

Mt Vesuvius eruption of A.D 79 trapping

most of Pompeii residents.

They may have been at this theatre

enjoying some entertainment, or…


purchasing refreshments from

a nearby takeaway outlet.

Many urns and every day items are on public display.

However, not many of the well-known (photographed) poses

of citizens in their last moments of life were on display.

Even the brothel we were shown contained an empty bed.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTOS: Objects-Over-100-Years-Old




It must be innate in the young of all species

to annoy their mother.

This protuberance high up on the wall

indicates a ‘Red Light’ area in Pompeii. 


his view of the Palace of Versailles

meets the rectangular criteria.


Can colours be interspersed

among each other?


These ‘vividly colourful’ decorations are

the best I could for fluorescent.


Thursday’s Special: February-Words


December Words

  I could not think of anything more…

sagacious . 

This one is the South African Pearlspotted Owl

if my memory and Google research are any good.

     Whether your focus is on the statue

or the wall behind, both are created by

humans but are…non-human      


       I have been told that this is not a very good

image, however, I think it

a great (decent??) portrayal,

in  abstract, of a spring downpour. 

The colour may not suit your walls but that

can be fixed with a couple of clicks of the mouse.


When we visited Pompeii…      I was expecting see some of

the more iconic remains. 

These plaster cast remains of

the population which lived in Pompeii

were the only ones on display.


Call me ghoulish if you wish…

however, in my youth I did want to be

an archaeologist. 

The link below will take you to a

Google search with images which

I had hoped to see of Pompeii’s remains.

Click here to see what I am referring to at Pompeii.


Our very own star…

…puts on some stellar performances

at either end of the day.

Here the sun is setting on Namibia

and Botswana’s Chobe River.


Thursday’s Special: December-Words


October Word Challenge

Switzerland could only be described as


   When I saw the word whiskers, my first thoughts

were of Soxie who passed away

about twelve months ago.

  However, I could have easily gone

down this track also. 

However, as he was sleeping with

 one eye open, literally,

I was pleased that there was

a very thick slab of glass between us.

This crumbling room at Pompeii was described

as possibly the first McDonalds, or takeaway, ever. 

Food was prepared and served to the public.


Sydney’s famous bridge spanning the harbour

creating easy access between north and south.

 Finally, I always think Geelong’s

Cunningham Pier

looks immaculate as the sun sets. 

Earlier this week was no exception.


Thursday’s Special: October-Words




Black and White Challenge:

Signs of Any Kind.


Cee, I hope you really meant signs of ANY kind, this week.

And you have said, somewhere, that you would like

to see my photos taken recently.

With all that in mind this may be considered

an R or X Rated post by some.

Forewarned. :-).

Today’s post relates to

Pompeii and its Red Light District.

 pompeii_red-light_0851While negotiating the wet weather in Pompeii,

our guide pointed out this stick/stone protruding

from the wall above the small rectangular window.


This is a close up shot.

She told us it indicated a Red Light District was nearby.


A few minutes later we were shown through

part of said Red Light area.

All agreed that the bed did not look all that comfortable,

with general consensus being that it was a sign of

some aches and pains somewhere?!


However, there were plenty of signs around…


to guide and assist ‘visitors’.


And just in case you were walking along and

did not see the original sign,

about 20 feet above ground level,

this one (also indicating the same area)

was also pointed out to us as we

made our way out of the ruins.


It would be hard to miss as it appears to be

nearly as long, as many of the feet passing by.

So there you have it.

Signs from Pompeii.  

I never thought that I would be able to

use these photos, in a legitimate challenge.  

Thank you Cee. 😀  


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Signs of Any Kind