Eastern Beach precinct

Life Saver Bollards

The Promenade in the background. 

A safe swimming are for all.



At street level (top of paths)

is a wide range of eateries

and we are about a

five to ten minutes walk

from the Geelong CBD.


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I’m a week late with this…better late..

Eastern Beach and…

…the Geelong Ferris Wheel.



From another angle you can see how close

the Geelong CBD is to the beach.


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Lights an bulbs from all over…

Het Zand Square,




Geelong’s Eastern Beach car park



London lights.

A small restaurant less than five minutes

from the London Eye.


Eiffel Tower.





Some lights seen…

…during our…

…dinner cruise…


…Dubai Creek.


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge:  Lightbulbs





Geelong’s Eastern Beach.

A walk up the hill and you are only a five to ten

minute walk from Geelong’s CBD.


The Promenade surrounds a safe swimming area.

Ideal for  everyone.

Eastern Beach


Slightly different view of Eastern Beach

with the Ferris Wheel and Geelong Marina

in the background.




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Random Candids

Feeding seagulls at Eastern Beach



Entertaining tourists in Brugge (Belgium)




Young appreciating experience.




Photographer and model in Stanley Park,




A tender moment at

the Port of Vancouver.


Photographer and model undertaking a

tertiary education assignment.

Some people halt when they see me

setting up my tripod,

while others just bounce on past.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:  Candid

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:  Candid

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:  Candid

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:  Candid





A very late Geelong neighbourhood post.

The land lubber’s view of Cunningham Pier.

I  could say this was a ocean view of Cunningham Pier,

however, my feet were planted firmly  of terra firma

at my favourite sunrise shoot spot.

The domed building is the new Geelong Library.

Eastern Beach parking area before dawn.

The background building houses a  Carousel.

A winter fog in Moorabool (main) Street of Geelong.

There is precious little land behind me

and about two blocks will land you in

the Central Business District.

Some street art.

Sunrise on Corio Bay, Geelong.

Sunrise on Geelong.


During our recent sunset cruise

I was told that these sailboats are

on the water every Wednesday evening. 

Perhaps during summer.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:  Around-the-Neighbourhood

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:  Around-the-Neighborhood

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:  Around-the-Neighborhood

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:  Around-the-Neighborhood