made or built long ago


Construction of the Palace of Versailles began in 1661

some 55 years after Willem Janszoon first sighted

Australia and just over 109 years before

Captain Cook landed at Botany Bay.


Older still is the

Schönbrunn Palace

construction of which

commenced in 1642

The oldest of this post is

The Colosseum.

Construction of The Colosseum

began in 70AD and was completed in 80 AD

Which in 2021 makes

The Colosseum

1950 years old

since completion

We were told, these pavers,

are part of the original building. 

Imagine, nearly 2,000 years since completion,

the sheer number of feet to have walked over them

and who, in history may have walked here.

The  Colosseum is definitely my oldest building

in my old, older, oldest post this week.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Old-Oldest









determine the total number of
(a collection of items).


Counting luggage saves counting passengers. 

Or does it?



Staff still counted passengers…


…an ensured we did not get wet.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Count









think about (something) carefully,
especially before making a decision
or reaching a conclusion.



Pondering the value of tree farming.


A quiet moment in Vancouver.



What else to see in London.


How many faces are pondering,

how lucky he/she is.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Ponder









(of a thing) not able to be found
because it is not in its expected place


On August 5, 2014, at the commemoration of

Firing of the First Shot

of World War I…




…these pelicans provided us with a flyby

in what I imagined was

a missing airman formation.


I guess imagination is a

weird and wonderful thing.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Missing









of, relating to, or designating a city or town:
densely populated urban areas.


Melbourne Laneway


These laneways have been devoid of patrons

for the better part of a year, I believe.


The only place to see crowds of this magnitude at a football match are in urban areas.




Melbourne prior showing some Christmas cheer.


 The first time I have ever seen a

public ice skating rink in Melbourne.


A sign of urban living.


An urban (Melbourne) Skyline.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Urban









in, relating to, or characteristic
of the countryside rather than
the town


Western view from Geelong


Spring canola paddocks

on Geelong’s outskirts.

After leaving Geelong the first item of

interest for me is the Lismore Water Tower. 

Situated in the wool growing country

it’s no wonder that sheep are depicted

on this Tower, along with some 

of the local wildlife.


Just west of Derrinallum is Mount Elephant.

Mount Elephant, 380 metres above sea level

and last erupted 5-20 thousand years ago,

making it one of the more recently 

active volcanoes in Australia.


One of 400 volcanic craters dotting

the Victorian countryside

making Victoria the third largest

volcanic plain in the world.


Mortlake is the home of Mount Shadwell

a dormant volcano standing

283 metres above sea level.

Formed around 25,000 years ago it is believed

that its most recent eruption was

about 5,000 years ago.

Mortlake is the self-proclaimed

Olivine Capital of Australia.


Mount Warrnambool, 216 metres above sea level

last erupted over 5,000 years ago.


Mt Rouse (337 metres above sea level)

is an extinct volcano always visible on the

horizon where I lived most of my life.




At 440 metres above sea level, not far from Mt Rouse

and also visible on Western District horizons

stands Mount Napier.

Mt Napier is one of Australia’s youngest volcanoes

erupting about 32,000 years ago.



At 103 metres above sea level, Tower Hill is

an inactive volcano on the south-west coast

of Victoria, Australia. 

The Tower Hill crater is roughly 3 kilometres wide

and 80 metres high, and within the main crater,

on an island, lies another smaller crater.   

This type of formation is known as a nested maar

of which there are about 75 worldwide.

The island is surrounded by

a shallow crater lake.


The above image was taken on

Tower Hill’s central island which is

also is home to the second crater. 

I know I have images in a photo album

of Mt Napier and Mt Rouse. 

As yet I have been unable to

find the relevant albums




One Word Sunday Challenge:...Rural









*  able to move or be moved freely or easily.
*  a decorative structure that is suspended
so as to turn freely in the air.



Taken a few weeks ago our Granddaughter

is still not mobile. 

However she is enjoying playing

with her mobile.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Mobile









a point of time as in hours and minutes
past midnight or noon.




Time can be measured by hour glasses…

…Clock with roman numerals…


…clocks made in far away countries…


Rhineland’s Cuckoo Clock Factory

has carved wooden figurines

dancing around to mark

the hour and half hour.


And again the

Flinders Street Clocks

mark the time of the next train

on each line passing through

the Station.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Time









arrange or happen to come into the
presence or company of (someone)



An iconic place to meet

in Melbourne used to be…

‘…under the clocks at Flinders Street Station…’



Even the twenty-first century population

still appear to be waiting to meet

someone under the

Flinders Street Clocks.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Meet