Brandy will go down as the best dog I have ever owned. 

Every time I looked out the kitchen window

Brandy’s face would be looking back at me

from the back of my little truck.


In his Buckethead days, which lasted

around six weeks due to an eye infection,

He was quick to accept that the bucket

was part of his dress code

and that he had to wear it until

he was told otherwise.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Face










the natural agent that stimulates sight
and makes things visible.

Geelong Marina boat lights


London lights near the

London Eye.

Moonlight in Alaska.


Melbourne’s Langham Hotel lights


Christmas lights


Almost the first light reflected off the ocean.


A lightning storm lights up the night sky.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Light










the period from sunset to sunrise
in each twenty-four hours.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

New Zealand


Disney Wonder in the distance

at 2300 hours in Alaska


Nearly 2200 (10 PM) Alaskan time

Disney Wonder at 2330 hours


Alaskan sunset


Prince’s Bridge over Melbourne’s

Yarra River

Melbourne CBD and the Yarra River

Evan Walker footbridge



Melbourne sunrise



Melbourne moonset.


Finally, Geelong from my hospital room last year.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Night










Something that is orange is of a colour
between red and yellow.

Orange drink lacking a bit colour.


Orange Daisies growing alongside…


…the Princes’s Highway at Killarney.


York geraniums.



Mock Orange Shrub.


Finally, a potted Orange Twist shrub.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Orange










a pleased, kind, or amused facial expression,
typically with the corners of the mouth turned up
and the front teeth exposed.

Smiles from here, there and…



…however, I think the smile of our firstborn

is the cutest of this lot…


…although this smile would run a close second…


…as the expression remains the same

no matter what.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Smile










a line or outline which gradually deviates from
being straight for some or all of its length.

Curved fence top


Curved outdoor seating

in Melbourne’s

Bourke Street Mall

Railway tracks,

Warrnambool Station


South Western Victoria.


Concept car on display in Melbourne.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Curve










extending or moving uniformly in one direction only;
without a curve or bend.

School Library.


Suburban Library

Waurn Ponds



The exterior of the

National Gallery of Victoria,

The Home of Australian Art…


..was created using straight lines of various lengths

that created a myriad of geometric shapes.


Melburnians either love or hate

the finished product.

Australian National Memorial




One Word Sunday Challenge:...Straight