a violent disturbance of the atmosphere
with strong winds and usually rain,
thunder, lightning, or snow.

Storm clouds over Geelong,

a few years ago.


Stormy weather approaching this year.

The best time to be in the vicinity…

…of a thunderstorm is after dark…

…when lightning lights up the sky.

Especially if it is…

…a slow-moving storm.






difficult or impossible to understand,
explain, or identify.

When I showed this image to work colleagues in 2013,

one could not identify the subject and

most were scratching their heads

beforee taking a tentative guess





Stained Glass



Amber Jug and Glasses.








of, relating to, or resembling a fox

According to Google, hyenas have been described as

exceedingly cunning and deceptive (fox-like traits)

Although thought to be sly and cowardly, hyenas,

looking more like dogs, are actually more similar

to cats, like lions and cheetahs.





Packages wrapped in Paper

A Pair of

African Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbills


Palm Tree

Part of the Old Fyansford Paper Mill

near Geelong


Parallel railway lines.


One final image

from last week…

Pampas Grass